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How Emerging Technologies Influence Social Media

Today, social media is bigger than ever, with both business and individuals utilising it to its full potential. Used as part of marketing strategies and for people to effectively communicate with one another, new emerging technologies are continuing to influence social media and enhance its abilities. So, how are evolving technologies shaping social media? Let’s take a closer look, below.

Benefits Businesses

As a result of technological advances, businesses have benefited in a variety of different ways. Social media allows both small and large businesses to improve their communication with their clients, which can help with lead generation and sales. A lot of customers like to message businesses via social channels due to convenience, such as Facebook and Instagram, you can provide good customer service to your clients if you reply through these channels. Businesses also tend to receive more feedback from customers, which helps to show other customers that your company is worth using for services or buying products from, as it will showcase the authority of a business.

Influence Social Media

Technology also enables businesses to sell goods and services in regional, national and international markets, as opposed to just reaching the local market. This expansion allows businesses to increase their revenue, as they receive more enquires and make more sales.

Privacy And Security

Social media accounts can be easily hacked, with it being so easy to gain access to an account and personal information. However, with new and emerging technologies, better security and privacy features have been developed in order to help protect businesses and individuals online. This technology can help to prevent hackers from phishing, link-jacking and social spam, so users can enjoy using social media and know that their information is safer and more secure.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence systems are helping marketers to optimise their content for social platforms. This helps to ensure that the optimised content is targeted at the right audience and trends on social media. A lot of marketers rely upon artificial intelligence to choose the best influencers to promote their products on their social channels. Influencer marketing is increasing in popularity and, in turn, so is artificial intelligence. What’s more, as AI has grown on social media it has allowed marketers to use images to help boost the rate of engagement.

Improved Communications

As previously mentioned, social media has helped to improve communication for businesses, but it also benefits individuals who use the social platforms too. Many users would opt to use their social media accounts as their favourite method of communication, which has been taken to a whole new level. Additionally, communication across social media creates a sense of urgency.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that new and emerging technologies influence social media. As technology continues to develop and improve, social media channels are sure to follow, making using the platforms easier and safer. The phenomenon surrounding social media means that we will continue to see it becoming more popular for both businesses and individuals, especially as they have become such a key part of marketing campaign strategies.

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