Understanding Your Rights and Obligations as a Park Home Owner

Park Life Is Luxurious

Relocating to a park home can be a smart move for a couple looking to downsize and live among others at a similar stage in their life. It can take some getting used to at first, as the lifestyle may differ from what you are used to. However, once you make that decision, you will realise that they offer as much comfort as a traditional home.

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Moving to a park home has its benefits, but it’s important to understand your rights and obligations as an owner. Every park will have rules and regulations laid out, and you will be able to study these before you sign. You will have rights as a resident, and the site owner does not have the authority to evict you unless he or she has a court order.

The site owner must not block your solicitor or overcharge for utilities. The site owner must never give false information that could prevent the sale of a home. They must act with integrity, and they must never demand to know future plans of the home owner.

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In the documentation, there will be information on pitch fees, and these are payable according to the written agreement. Fees cannot be altered unless written notice is given to the resident. A pitch fee review form must be used if the owner is proposing to amend the fee.

A Change from the Traditional Home

There’s no doubt that park life provides a refreshing change from a traditional home. If you’re seeking to relocate to park homes Gloucestershire, then there are plenty of styles and ranges available in the area. Gloucester park homes for sale can provide high-quality homes in picturesque settings for those looking to make the move. Residents will find that a park home is easy to adapt to and that they enjoy the change of style. According to Yorkmix, a radical suggestion to alleviate York’s housing crisis has been put forward and that’s to put homes on stilts above car parks.

Residents usually feel stronger together in numbers, and the good news is that they are legally entitled to set up a residents’ association. Qualifying residents’ associations must comply with criteria. And when the association has been set up, the site owner must legally acknowledge its existence.


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