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How to Become a Marketing Manager? Have You These Characteristics

A marketing manager is a person who has the skill to maintain the sales department. Become a marketing manager is not an easy job, you should have some characteristics. In this article, we will present how to become a marketing manager by developing these 10 characteristics.

The 10 characteristics of the good marketing manager

These 10 characteristics will help to be a good marketing manager.

The global vision of the business

The global vision of the business

A good marketing manager should know as much as possible all the areas of the business in which he is working, and also of the sector in general.

You cannot lead a project that you still do not know about essential aspects, or if you are not familiar with everything that surrounds that sector. Investigate the history of the company, the actions that have been carried out and how they have worked, talk with other departments to find out what they do and find out everything related to the subject in which you develop professionally.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage emotions well. Our emotions, of course, and those of others. Therefore, knowing how to understand your own emotions and being able to empathize with other people. Maintain a good working environment.


Even so, although a good marketing manager needs to empathize, he must also be a leader with attitude and character. You must be an inspirational figure for your team, and they should know that they can count on you in moments of indecision or when things go wrong.

Combine emotional intelligence with an attitude of leadership and you will have guaranteed success with your co-workers.

Planification and organization

One of the great responsibilities of a marketing manager is his ability to plan. Although it always depends on the type or size of the company, in general, more than executing actions, what you should do is mark a marketing strategy.

Hence you need to be a good planner: you will have to research and organize a multitude of information so that your strategy is executed correctly from start to finish. In addition, you will also have to be aware of how these actions are being developed once they are launched.

Analytical capacity

All these actions that you implement should be measured and analyzed to see if they are working and collaborating to achieve the objectives set.

It will surely be your responsibility to account for the results of the marketing strategy, so you will have to know all the areas that they include and have the ability to analyze the data you extract.

Problem resolution

It is quite likely that during the implementation of your marketing strategy, different problems arise or, at the very least, that decisions must be made on aspects that your team questions.

That is why it is important that you be decisive, since having the ability to solve problems quickly as they leave will help you a lot in your work.


Even if you have a team of ten people by your side, if you are the marketing manager, you will have to take responsibility for most of the things that happen in your department.

You should know how to assume it whenever it is an unintended mistake. In the end, you mark the strategy to follow and you are the person who must monitor what happens.

Open mentality

It is also very important that you are a person adaptable to changes and with an open mind. The world evolves very fast, and in the marketing sector even more.

New applications, tools, algorithm changes, etc. are released every day. That will make the way of marketing change. It is inevitable, so don’t get stuck in the past and do your best to open up to new ways of doing things.

Proactivity and curiosity

It is enough to adapt to the changes that come upon you, but you must be the one to look for those changes.

Be curious and proactive about knowing the sector, news and all possible ways to improve the way you do your job.


Perhaps this is the most important point, since if you have passion, surely the other nine points will not be any problem.

A marketing manager with passion has the ability to motivate his teammates and solving the problems of a bestial form.

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