Minecraft 1.20 Coming Out

When is Minecraft 1.20 Coming Out

Minecraft players rejoice – the highly anticipated Caves & Cliffs update that started rolling out in 2021 is continuing strong in 2023 with Minecraft 1.20. This massive update titled “Trails and Tales” builds on previous terrain changes and brings lots of new adventures. So when can we finally get our hands on Minecraft 1.20 and what exciting new features are coming? Let’s explore what to expect from the Trails and Tales update.

Minecraft 1.20 Release Date

After much anticipation, Minecraft 1.20 was officially launched on June 7, 2023, for both Java and Bedrock editions. Mark your calendars, Minecrafters – your world is about to get more magical, with enchanting tales waiting around every corner!

Minecraft 1.20 Release Date

Sneak Peeks from Minecraft Live 2022

During Minecraft Live in October 2022, developers provided a sneak peek of some of the main attractions coming in Minecraft 1.20. These include:

Hanging Signs and New Bookshelves Better Wandering Trader Trades Camels and Palm Trees Bamboo Wood and Rafts And lots more surprises!

Let’s look at some of these key updates that we have to look forward to.

Hanging Signs and Bookshelves

Finally a better way to decorate and organize our libraries and shops! Hanging signs and new bookshelves coming in 1.20 will allow us to:

  • Display customizable signs that hang from rope or chains
  • Stock bookshelves with books, potions bottles, enchanted books and other items
  • Use dyes to customize bookshelves to different wood types

This opens up so many possibilities for aesthetically organizing our storage and building cool bookstores, apothecaries, magic shops and more!

Enhanced Wandering Trader Trades

Everyone knows the wandering trader’s past deals have been…underwhelming, to say the least. But in Minecraft 1.20, developers are enhancing wandering trader trades to make them more worthwhile. We can likely expect trades featuring new wood types, rare enchantment books, and unique decorative blocks when we encounter wandering traders after the update.

Camels and Palm Trees

Minecraft is getting camels! These hump-backed mobs will spawn in desert biomes and can be tamed. They’ll provide a faster way to traverse deserts, which will also contain elaborate oasis springs dotted with palm trees. Imagine tropical desert hideaways – yes, please!

Bamboo Wood and Rafts

Mangrove swamps are getting even better with bamboo wood blocks and rafts. Chop down bamboo stalks to collect the wood, which can craft doors, trapdoors, slabs, stairs and more in a tropical style. Take your raft for a cruise to enjoy the scenery and transport items.

Plus New Surprises

While those are some of the highlights, developers always have additional surprises up their sleeves. Many more features are coming that just haven’t been revealed yet, or that need more development time for fine tuning before release day.

As we get closer to June 2023, expect more sneak peeks of smaller features through developer Tweets and blog posts. Whatever they have in store, 1.20 is shaping up to make our Minecraft worlds more beautiful and adventuresome!

Will 1.20 Be the Last Major Minecraft Update?

With such colossal updates and changes to terrain generation since late 2020, some players wonder if 1.20 will be the final big overhaul.

The short answer is no. While the Caves & Cliffs update brought some of the biggest back-end changes in Minecraft’s history, developers have made clear they plan to continue improving terrain, mobs, blocks, dimensions and more in future 1.xx updates. There’s still many biomes and features on their radar for enhancement or complete reworks.

That said, don’t expect each future update to be as groundbreaking as the 1.17 through 1.20 chapters of Caves & Cliffs. Developers will likely mix smaller and focused updates in between periodic giant overhauls when technology and creativity allow for reinventing core parts of the game.

Overall the future looks bright for many more years of epic Minecraft updates! 1.20 builds momentum rather than concluding it.

When Can We Start Playing Minecraft 1.20?

When Can We Start Playing Minecraft 1.20?

If you just can’t wait for all the goodness packed into Minecraft 1.20, mark June 7, 2023 on your calendar! Both Java and Bedrock editions have a global simultaneous release date scheduled for June 7th barring any unforeseen delays in development.

This lines up nicely with Mojang’s typical summer release target, allowing them over half a year for polishing after announcing features at Minecraft Live in late 2022.

Once released, updating existing Minecraft installations is simple:

Java Edition – Launcher auto-updates the game by default

Bedrock Edition – Check the app store for a new version or update from the settings

For new players, you can start enjoying 1.20 right away by downloading Minecraft through:

  • Minecraft.net for Java Edition
  • Google Play/App Store for mobile
  • Gaming marketplace for consoles

Minecraft Pre-Releases and Snapshots

Eager to try 1.20 content early? Minecraft pre-releases and snapshots allow you to preview upcoming features while they’re still in active development. Just know bugs, crashes, and incomplete content are par for the course.

Snapshots usually launch soon after Minecraft Live announcements, with frequent updates all the way until summer release. So, if you just can’t wait, check the Official Minecraft site for news on available snapshots.

As always, previewing snapshots and pre-releases lets you experience the cutting-edge but can disrupt your main world saves. We recommend trying out snapshots in separate creative mode test worlds first.


When is 1.20 coming out?

Minecraft 1.20 is scheduled to release on June 7, 2023, for both Java and Bedrock editions on all platforms globally. Mark those calendars!

What is in the 1.20 “Trails and Tales” update?

Key updates we know so far include hanging signs, improved bookshelves, better wandering trader trades, camels, palm trees, bamboo wood, rafts, and still more to be revealed over time through 2023!

How do I get 1.20?

Once released, updating existing Minecraft installations is simple through the Java launcher, Bedrock version settings, or gaming marketplaces. New players can download through Minecraft.net or app stores on June 7, 2023.

Can I play 1.20 early in snapshots?

Yes! Snapshot previews launch soon after Minecraft Live announcements so players can experience features while still in active development, despite bugs. Check the news for available snapshots or test away in separate worlds at your own risk!

Will there be more big updates after 1.20?

Definitely yes! While Caves & Cliffs brought enormous foundational changes, developers plan to keep improving biomes, mobs, blocks, terrain, dimensions and more in future releases post-1.20 as well. Get ready for lots more adventure!


The highly anticipated Minecraft 1.20 “Trails and Tales” update launches on June 7, 2023, continuing the colossal terrain overhaul that started in late 2020. Both Java and Bedrock editions are getting the update treatment on that global release date.

This update brings hanging signs, enhanced bookshelves, better wandering trader trades, camels, palm trees, bamboo wood blocks, rafts, and still more unrevealed surprises! It builds on revamped terrain generation and new biomes from previous chapters while introducing fresh decor, mobs, blocks and adventures all around.

While Caves & Cliffs has been one of Minecraft’s most ambitious undertakings yet, even bigger updates are still planned beyond 1.20 as Mojang aims to continue improving all aspects of the game in future releases. In the realm of sports streaming, enthusiasts can enhance their football game experience by exploring how to use Acestream for free HD streaming.

With palm trees swaying on tropical shores, camels trekking across sweeping deserts, vibrant signs marking shops and libraries, and deep caves below ripe for exploration – the adventures are endless in the bold new era Minecraft is charting with the Trail and Tales update. Happy crafting!

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