Summer is the best season for a wedding

Although weddings at any time of year can be lovely, the best season for weddings is unarguably summer. Gorgeous warm weather, tons of clothing options and enjoying the best of the great outdoors are all top reasons for setting the date in the sunniest season. Most weddings are held during this time of year and it’s peak wedding season for a reason.

It is so much easier to find something to wear for summer weddings. For the ladies, soft chiffons, silks and bright patterns and colours provide effortless chic and an easy transition from day to night.

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Summer weddings are more likely to attract guests, especially if they are coming from out of town. Choose a beautiful country location and your guests will be thrilled to make a long weekend of it. For a Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue, visit  

Summer is also the absolute best time to stage an outdoor wedding. Spring can still be a bit hit or miss but in summer you can pretty much guarantee pleasant temperatures and a bit of sunshine. Imagine how amazing your wedding will be when you can enjoy the surrounding gardens, flowers, nature and countryside on offer.

A summer wedding means far more options for your colour scheme. Whether you prefer pastels or brights, a combination of both or a multitude of shades to complete your theme – you can have it all in summer. Some of the popular choices include pale or hot pink, bright yellow, pale green, orange, baby blue, rose or cornflower blue but the options are endless.

Summer is also the optimum time for choosing flowers. There are many seasonal blooms to choose from. Whether you opt for roses, daisies, poppies, orchids, lilies, dahlias or sunflowers – you’ll be guaranteed a stunning fresh display of bright summer flowers.

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Travelling to your wedding is easier in the summer months. With winter, there’s always the risk that travellers will need to contend with ice, cold, wind, storms or snow. This can result in traffic chaos, delayed flights and an increasing level of anxiety for you in the days leading up to your wedding.

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Summer weddings can be much more fun when you can incorporate outdoor activities into your day. Instead of solely relying on indoor entertainment like a DJ or band, your guests can spread out into the grounds and enjoy some lawn games, for example. They can be as elaborate or simple as you like and could include games like ping pong, beanbag toss, croquet, boules, badminton, giant lawn chess, darts, connect 4 or ring toss.


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