Social Media

How to detect and combat fake news

The so-called fake news began to have a lot of impact on social networks after Facebook confirmed that around 470 Russian fake accounts paid to influence the last US presidential election. The Russians carried out a disinformation campaign in the networks, publishing false political and social contents of the Democratic Party in order that the […]

Home Improvement

Tips to decorate your workplace

Did you know that decoration can help improve your productivity at work and reduce your stress and that of your colleagues? It does not matter if you work in an office or at home, then we give you a series of tips to decorate your workplace, which will help improve your mood and face your […]



  The Father ‘s Day is the celebration in which we celebrate our father’s presence in our lives. We can do it with a meal or a special gift, but we can never miss a nice card to congratulate dad. Let’s see below the best ideas for your Cards for Father’s Day 2019.