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The 8 best ebook reader

Are you a book eater or do you like to read a lot? Then do not hesitate, what you need is to have in your hands one of the best ebooks on the market. These have improved a lot compared to the first ones that came on the market. Do you want to know them? You just have to keep reading.

Ebook Kindle Oasis


It can be said that today is the most complete version. If you do not mind spending a little more in exchange for having the guarantee of having a great electronic book in your hands, this is the ebook for which you have to bet.

It is available in different colors and sizes. You can buy it with 8 or 32 GB of internal memory. It will allow you to read the books without losing sight, thanks to the high quality of the electronic ink and its seven-inch screen. Another positive point is that the sun will not reduce the reading quality. And, above all, you should know that it is water resistant, hence you can use the ebook near humid places like swimming pool or the beach.

Ebook Kindle 6 “

If the previous option you found interesting, but you are looking for something simpler, then this option will like you. It has a 6-inch screen and stands out as an ebook that offers good quality when reading the pages of a book. The installation of books is very simple and includes a large memory so you can always carry many books.

The screen is tactile and does not strain the eyes. Of course, it does not have integrated light, so it can only be used in bright places. To this we must add that it includes a battery that will give you autonomy for hours.

Ebook BestBuy

Although at first glance it may seem like an old ebook because it has keys, the truth is that it can be a very interesting option, especially if you have a slightly adjusted budget.

It has a touch screen and an internal memory of 4GB so you can carry enough books. Remember the books occupy very little memory. The reading is quite simple and comfortable, hence I wanted to include it in this list. Regarding the inclusion of books, I can assure you that it is very simple.

Ebook Kindel Paperwhite

Another high quality ebook. Of course, I want you to know that you can buy it with special offers version or without offers. This system makes you receive advertising, in exchange for paying a cheaper price. Of course, the publicity will never take place during the reading, so it will not invade your reading.

The ebook has a 300 dpi screen and does not produce reflections. All this helps that the reading is simple and the view does not get tired, which happens with any Tablet of a lifetime. It also includes water resistance and a battery that will give you weeks of autonomy. Another advantage is that it includes light so you can read regardless of whether there is light or not.

Ebook Woxter

Another of the ebooks that have given us more than one joy. The Woxter brand always offers high quality products and this we can check once again with this article.

The ebook has an internal memory of 4 GB and an HD resolution. With this resolution you can read the books without problems, so you will feel very satisfied with the purchase made. It includes a micro SD reader in case the memory falls short.

Ebook SPC Dickens

I like this ebook a lot too. When buying it, you can choose between buying it with a backlit screen or not. The price difference is very small. Personally, I recommend betting on the backlit ebook.

It has a high quality screen that uses high quality electronic ink, which helps the eyesight does not get tired. Thanks to its internal memory you can carry more than 8000 books in one device, that is, if you like to read, you will have many books to read. You will never get bored.

Ebook Kobo Clara HD

This model has not focused too much on the design, which is quite simple. But it has focused on the quality of the screen, which is the most important in this type of device.

Reading is very comfortable, just like changing the page. The truth is, it is a product of very good quality, with which you will feel very comfortable. Do not forget that it includes an internal memory of 8GB, hence you can carry a large catalog of books with this quality ebook.

Ebook Energy Pro HD

To finish the list, I present a model that has a 6-inch multitouch screen. This screen includes HD electronic ink so that the reading is perfect and consequently the view does not get tired. To this we must add the option to regulate the level of grays, which will sometimes make you think you are reading on paper.

As the ebook is of very good quality, includes integrated light to read in less bright environments, Android system so you can install applications to read newspapers or magazines, like adding books is really easy. I assure you that you can read everything you want, because the battery included is of high quality.

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