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How to Edit Memoji?

A Memoji is the Apple version of an Emoji. The users of the iPhone or iPad using the system iOS OS 13 or later versions can create their own Memoji to use as avatar for the Messaging app, Apple ID, Apple Pay, and more. In addition, Memoji can also be sent as stickers via SMS or WhatsApp. Likewise, you can change the appearance of your Memoji at any time from the Messages app or through WhatsApp. In the following guide, we will see how to edit memoji.

How to edit memoji?

  • Smartphone
  • Internet connection

how to edit memoji

Choose the Memoji to edit

If you created an avatar on the iPhone but the end result is not to your liking, you should know that it is possible to modify your Memoji by applying all the appropriate customizations.

To do this, start the Messages application by tapping the icon on the main screen and, in the new screen that appears, press the pencil icon inside a square to create a new message. Alternatively, open any available conversation, then press the monkey icon to access the Animoji section and see all the Memoji created previously. Therefore, identify the avatar you want to edit, touch the icon with the three dots and select Edit from the menu that appears.

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Select your options

At this point, select one of the available options, such as the color of the complexion, the beard, the mouth, the haircut, the color of the eyes, the shape of the head, the nose, the eyebrows, the ears and the glasses; then apply the changes that interest you. For example, if you intend to change the color and length of your avatar’s hair, select the item Haircut, press the new color you intend to use and choose the new cut to be applied to the Memoji.
After applying all the changes, press the Finish button at the top right to save the changes and start using your custom Memoji.

Edit Memoji with Android

You can also create or edit a Memoji on Android, both by using some features of some manufacturers (for example, in Samsung the function is available in the camera of the device) and when downloading third-party applications. Therefore, if you created your avatar using one of these functions or applications and now you want to apply some changes, all you have to do is start the application used to create the Memoji, select the avatar you want to modify and perform the customizations of your interest.

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