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4 medicinal plants that will end with your heartburn

The infusions of medicinal plants such as laurel, licorice or pennyroyal are an effective and easy solution to end heartburn.


The laurel ( Laurus nobilis ), of which we use leaves and fruits, is very fragrant and rich in essential oil.

Helps to normalize digestion , neutralize acidity and prevent gases.

Take it as an  infusion, along with chamomile and pennyroyal.  With two cups a day after meals you will notice the difference. You can also consume it in tincture.


Aloe ( Aloe vera ) is another good solution against stomach upset .

It is a very good digestive tonic at moderate doses. It helps to fight acidity , burning and relieves reflux. It also has the property to protect and repair inflamed mucosa.

We can use the juice of the leaf and the mucilages of the pulp.

It should be avoided during pregnancy .


Few plants are as active against reflux as licorice ( Glycyrrhyza glabra ).

It contains glycyrrhine that gives anti-acid, anti-inflammatory and digestive virtues, which makes it perfect to  fight stomach pain.

There are many ways to consume it alone or combined. You can take the  decoction of the root with plantain or marshmallow , or in tincture, liquid extract, maceration or directly the juice of the fresh plant.


The white pennyroyal ( Micromeria fruticosa ) is a great digestive tonic , suitable for indigestion, acidity and nausea.

It has  carminative and anti-ulcer properties that help to stop the acidity.

You can take it in infusions of flowering tops, in liquid extract or in tincture.

Some aromatic plants, such as mint, pennyroyal, siderítide or cat’s tail will also help you to relieve the acidity .

He resorts to medicinal plants as stomach balms

Who else who less, we all have suffered some episode of heartburn . A burning or burning sensation, caused by gastric juices that come from the esophagus, and which is known as heartburn.

It occurs when passing stomach acid to the esophagus, producing in many cases reflux and other symptoms such as nausea , dry cough, sometimes chest pain and malaise.

To avoid this, it is recommended to eat in moderation , avoid indigestible foods, spicy spices, carbonated drinks, caffeine and alcohol.

There are also adequate foods to prevent acidity , such as banana, apple, papaya, melon … and even some spice, such as ginger or cinnamon.

A traditional resource, quite useful to combat heartburn, is sodium bicarbonate , drunk in short sips.

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