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Would you pay £150 for this garage door?

What finer television entertainment is there to be had than watching a clearly overweight man shouting “BOOM!” into the face of a bickering middle aged married couple who he has just outbid over a load of junk? This is the UK version of Storage hunters a strange concept that has become very popular both here and in the USA. The premise is rather simple. The auctioneer, played by the show’s creator Sean Kelly, begins by pointing out to us that in the UK there are abandoned garages and storage containers that have come on to the open market due to insolvency or bankruptcy. This gives the buyers a wonderful opportunity to possibly make a significant amount of cash by purchasing whatever is in the container or lock up.  As this is an auction they could get things for a steal and find something that could make them a tidy profit. Alternatively they could buy a load of junk that really should just be taken straight down to the local recycling centre.  In order to make the most of your garage door and prevent these people scooping it up you should use the services of Garage Door Repair company http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/garage-door-repairs/

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To make things even harder for the buyers they know next to nothing about the contents of the lock up, container etc. other than the vague equivocation given by Sean at the start. Accompanied by whoops and shouts from the buyers (general about how they are going to make money), he ceremonially smashes off the lock to the container and announces, “This one belonged to a blacksmith”, “This was the lock of up of a troupe of circus performers”. This is all they get followed by a 10 second quick glimpse inside the lock up which reveals that everything is covered with tarpaulin strategically placed to show suggestions of what is underneath.  The buyers discuss what they think is in the container usually drawing wild conclusions about what the contents are worth. “Ooh, if it’s a blacksmith perhaps there’s an anvil in there or some fancy tools etc.”. Basically they talk the contents up to the level of the crown jewels. One regular couple, John and Natalie, constantly bicker and blame each other for their combined failings as their estuary accents scream out “This is a loadda junk John!” “Well you told me to buy it Natalie!” across the yard and Dapper Dan, their sworn enemy, smirks as it was him that overbid on the contents in the first place.

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Whilst all this is going on, Heavy D (real name Colin) is bellowing “BOOM!” at everyone, including the poor film crew every time he makes a bid. “50 quid, Boom!” He also says “BOOM” when he is successful at buying something even if it turns out to be just a little box with an ant inside. It’s all good fake fun.

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