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How can you do a good job interview

It is not at all pleasant the time before a job interview. A mixture between anxiety and emotion that looks more like what you feel after having an accident and less similar to what you feel after having a child. However, all is not lost. In two years I went through more than 30 interviews, and I’m still alive. So we are come from help you to teach how can you do a good job interview. So it seemed a good idea to analyze and share some advice on the subject.

How can you do a good job interview


The job interview is not a joke. It is a short time mind play. It depends on you and your natural nature. So if you don’t know how can you do a good job interview, you can not overcome your problem.

1) It arrives earlier than expected

It is always better to wait to be expected, and that speaks very well of you professionally.

2) Dress according to the company

Everyone will tell you that you always wear a suit (if you are a man), but there are special places -such as advertising agencies and some media- where dressing formally can be counterproductive.

3) Bring CV and jobs

Sometimes you can believe that since you already sent it by email, or because you already filled out a form, taking them in print is not necessary. But it is. In addition, a portfolio or portfolio of works (accounting, artistic or otherwise while not handling confidential information) never hurts.

4) Ask everything


Usually, there is no talk of real salaries, dates of entry, or second interviews. For some strange reason, we wait for the interviewer to tell us, but many times that does not happen. How can you do a good job interview? It is always necessary to ask about future interviews in the process, time to formally enter and get papers if it will be for fees or payroll and any other questions. It is not seen as ignorance but as interest.

5) Do not leave the exams and tests for later


What you can advance of psychometric, knowledge and others, do them as soon as possible. In the worst case, if you do not stay, it is very likely that other companies have exactly the same exam model, so you can take it as training.

6) Try to talk about another topic

It is always good to fall well. You will not leave being the best friend of your interviewer, but even if you do not stay in that job you will have a new contact.

7) Human resources vs. your next probable boss

Many interviews I have had with agencies or with the HR area. However, the most productive, and those that have had more weight have been with my next likely bosses. You really have to make clear what you expect and what it will bring.

8) Do not lie


It sounds very obvious, but it is not. We tend to “adapt” or adapt to what they expect in a job we do. So if they talk about such a program, process skill that is required for the position, we tend to say that we can, although, in reality, we are half in that knowledge. Although it may work to get the job, in the long run, it can be counterproductive by not liking what we do or by getting entangled in things we do not master. And remember you’ll be doing that for at least eight hours a day.

9) Reassurance


In general, the process of selecting companies is relatively fair. If you are the right one, you will get the job. If not, remember that there is no ideal job for anyone and it is a good opportunity to see other fields.

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