Three Types of Play that are Essential for Healthy Child Development

Playtime is great fun for children, but it is also much more than that – it is a hugely important part of their development and is beneficial to their health. Encouraging play is something that all parents can do – and there are many different types of play, all which have their own benefits. Here are some of the kinds of play that you can encourage in your children and the reasons why they are so beneficial…

Role Play – Dressing up and taking on other roles, whether make believe characters, or life situations, such as parenthood and teaching are great for children’s emotional health. This type of play allows children to play out roles, increasing emotional intelligence and empathy. It also helps them to navigate the world around them and gain an understanding of other points of view.

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Outdoor Play – You can encourage kids to engage in outdoor play in many ways – create a fun garden with someone like this playgrounds Cheltenham based company, or take the kids into the woods or to the beach. The fresh air and exercise help them to be physically healthy and also promotes good motor skills.

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Creative Play – Painting, drawing and crafts are all good examples of creative play, and this helps a child to develop their imagination, engage their senses and express themselves. From finger painting to making models, there are lots of creative activities that kids can use to enjoy themselves and engage with their creative side.

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