The 10 most exclusive objects in the world

Before reading this article, we warn you that many of the assets that we present here are beyond the reach of many mortals. A mobile that is around the million dollars or the most expensive yacht in the world, are some of the whims that we show below.

1- The most expensive mobile phone in the world

The Goldvish Limited Edition is covered in 18 carat gold, with encrusted diamonds, and also features crocodile skin details. Despite so much luxury, technologically it has been somewhat obsolete, because it only has Bluetooth .

2- The ‘Tranformers ‘ car 

If you want to emulate the explosive actress Megan Fox, who starred in ‘Transformers’, the Bugati Veyron is your car. But the price is also prohibitive. More than one million dollars.

3- The most expensive and largest house in the world 

A mansion that has 103 rooms. It is valued at 138 million dollars according to the magazine ‘Forbes’. It is located in Surrey, southeast of England.

4- The most expensive cruise in the world 

The price of ‘Oasis of The Seas’ has a price superior to 1,000 million dollars. This colossus of 225,000 tons has a kind of comfort for its 6,000 passengers and 2,000 crew.

5- The most expensive perfume in the world

His name is ‘No.1 Imperial Majesty’ and the price of this fragrance exceeds 200 thousand dollars.

6- The most luxurious television

It’s 55 inches. Up to here everything normal. But this exclusive monitor is coated in 18 carat pink gold. The ‘PrestigeHD TV SUPREME Rose Edition’ also has 72 diamonds of one k each.

7- The most expensive book in the world

Its author is Tomas Alexander Hartman. In it he answers the most transcendental questions for humanity. Where do we come from? Where are we going? Are we alone in the universe or accompanied?

In 13 pages, according to the writer responds to this type of question. But the price of this “privileged” information is 153 million dollars.

8- Music with bright 

The German company Xexoo has designed the most expensive iPod in the world. Its price is 14 thousand dollars. But this device does not stand out for its ostentatious design.

It also has an assistance service 365 days a year in case the user suffers a breakdown.

9- The most exclusive shoes in the world

The price of a pair of these shoes exceeds one thousand dollars. They have been created by the Italian house Berluti. The peculiarity of this model is that it is made up of three pieces.

10- The most expensive cognac 

A bottle of Henry IV Dudognos Heritage exceeds one million dollars.

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