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Rustic wood bathroom: ideas for interior design

Using wood for the interior decoration of your home has numerous advantages. In the case of the bathroom, choosing rustic wood will guarantee a country style, which with the right accessories can turn into a country chic piece of furniture. Below is a series of ideas to try for a bathroom totally in rustic wood, or with some interesting details.

Rustic style wooden bathroom

Leaving the wood in its natural state, thus maintaining a rustic look, is a very popular choice for almost any room in the house! There are those who decide to use it for wooden walls and those for parquet. Some add accessories like wooden armchairs or bottle holders. What is certain is that this material guarantees an additional value to the furnishing of your home.

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Some ideas

Many decide to furnish their bathroom in a rustic style giving a country look to the room. Here are some ideas to inspire you in the design of your ideal wooden bathroom.

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Walls and furnitureRustic wood bathroom

In this beautiful rustic bathroom, wood was used for the walls, made up of a series of panels, and for the cabinet with sink. The whole room is actually made of wood, but the panels used for the ceiling and floor have been repainted, creating a bright contrast.

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Wood and marble

Staying on the subject of contrasts, rustic bathrooms see the addition of marble sinks. These break the monotony of almost completely wooden furniture.

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Only woodRustic wood bathroom

It is not certain that a totally wooden bathroom can be unpleasant in everyone’s eyes. For lovers of this material, here is a rustic wooden bathroom idea without contrasts. The only detachment that could be considered the white of the toilet.

With cream

A very popular combination is the one with the cream color. In fact, in this bathroom, the furniture was made of wood, but the walls are cream colored and the parquet on the floor is very light, while the sink is in marble. In complex, these colors give light to the room.

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Rustic details

This last bathroom has not only been made of wood but sees the addition of details that give an even more rustic touch to the decor. For example, the small handles in the shape of a wooden trunk, very suggestive, or the mirror frames.

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