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Short nails: how to enhance them and which nail art are suitable

Short nails and how to enhance them: even for those who decide to make this choice there are some precautions and tricks to take into consideration to have a fine and well-groomed hand.

Short nails, how to enhance them

Long nails are often defined as synonymous with a well-groomed and beautiful hand.

On the contrary, however, even those who want to keep their nails short, perhaps for special needs or for simple comfort, can get a fine and well-kept hand. The important thing is to have some precautions, dedicating time to a manicure and preferring nail art, colors, and finishes that enhance short nails.

ManicureShort nails

To enhance short nails, a good manicure is essential, preferably to be done at least once or twice a month by relying on the hands of a beauty center or taking care of them yourself.

In particular, it is essential to do a good file job, trying to give an equal shape to all the nails. It is also important to remove the cuticles well and moisturize them sufficiently to achieve a cleansing and care effect. In this regard there are numerous products to use, starting from the simple moisturizer to be applied on the nails to the oils specially created for the hydration of the nail and cuticles.

In recent times, the trend of Japanese manicures is emerging, a particular type of treatment based on natural products.

Colors and finish

The nail polish can also be applied on short nails, obtaining very beautiful effects. To prefer bright and not too dark colors that make short nails less stubby. Greenlight to red in its less intense shades, to pastel and soft colors. Conversely, black, grays, purples, and other darker shades are to be avoided absolutely to make the most of short nails. Regarding the finishes, the bright ones are to be preferred instead of the opaque and matte ones that are so fashionable today.

To make the short nail more slender, obtaining an optical effect that makes it appear longer, there is a trick to use. Good care in applying the nail polish is in fact to spread it only in the center of the nail, leaving a few empty millimeters at the edges.

Nail artShort nails

Nail art can be carried out with excellent results even on short nails, the important thing is to follow some indications that do not contribute to weighing them down too much. Light effects are preferred, with few decorations that cover only some parts of the nail. For example, a strip of glitter in the center of each nail on a light base or decorations made with the light stamping technique always on a nude base can obtain very beautiful effects and enhance the short nail. Otherwise, French, whether traditionally white or made with other colors, can also be a good choice.

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