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Three Major Home Designer Options

In the last eight years, the economy has crawled its way out of recession and has steadily built a path to financial independence for many people. Many of those who have struggled their way through the last ten years is finally able to become homeowners. Some decide to buy and others to have a home built as a fresh start for themselves and their families. A lot of decision details come with building a home that isn’t involved in just purchasing one. How does one have their home professionally designed? What are the options for a home? Do they want something standard but tailored to their needs or something unique to their lives and desires?


When someone wants a truly custom home, using the services of an architect is often the best route. An architect is schooled and tested in every part of the home design process and can not only create something beautiful and unique but safe and structurally sound. These professionals will often sit down with their client and family and get to know them, finding out how a custom architectural design will benefit their lives.

Home Designers

Though they don’t have the same level of education and testing as an architect, certified professional building designers often have a lot of experience working with families and their needs. The service isn’t as extensive as an architect, but it is far less expensive. The options are often closer to standard home design, but the home designer would be able to customize them to suit any client’s needs.

Production Homes

Often used in large housing developments, production homes have already had an architect do all the work. The plans are designed with a variety of options that can be added or altered to fit the needs of an individual or family. These homes are never truly custom, but can be beautiful and are a fantastic option for a new home without the cost of hiring an individual professional to design it.

However a home is designed, there are many options for customization from standard to the truly unique.

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