Too many late nights? Dealing with those dark circles under the eyes

Deadlines at work are pressing, and you are burning the midnight oil too often in the hope of getting that promotion. You sometimes feel overwhelmed and you look forward to the weekend, but your social life is such that you are not getting enough sleep. The demands of our fast-paced technological age can leave a man feeling weary and worn out, and those telling dark circles start appearing under your eyes. There are possible cosmetic solutions to dark circles round the eye. These could possibly be from the brand Clarins cosmetics that offer different options on how to enhance your appearance.

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Rest and Rejuvenation

Presuming you have no genetic predisposition to those dark circles under the eyes –yes, dark circles are hereditary – the obvious cure is to get a good night’s sleep. If sleep eludes you, you might want to try some of the following suggestions.

Diet and good nutrition

Keep your daily diet filled with light protein, complex carbohydrates and fresh vegetables and fruit. Avoid or go slow on the alcohol and caffeine, and be sure to drink fresh water throughout the day to replenish lost energy and rehydrate your body.

Make time to get a proper night’s sleep

Switch off all electronic devices an hour before bedtime to help your body adjust to the circadian rhythm. Establish a ritual that you repeat every night before bed to signal the end of the day.

Exercise to rejuvenate your cells

Exercise gets the blood flowing and opens the airways, pushing fresh oxygen into all the cells of your body. Exercise makes it easier to cope with stress as it allows the feel-good endorphins to flood your system, leading you to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Shaving as part of grooming

Shaving constitutes a large part of every man’s daily routine, so it’s worth getting it right. If you have a beard, keep it looking trim and healthy with fragrant beard oils.

Good grooming has been proven to boost our immune systems, and it is quite sexy, too. Consider an effective daily routine with cleansers and moisturisers that leave your skin feeling well-cared for and hydrated, such as those seen in GQ magazine. The Victorians were fastidious in their grooming; they believed it elevated them above the ordinary.

If your dark circles persist despite implementing all the solutions we’ve presented; you might want to check in with your GP to check if you have anaemia.

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