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How to liven up a patio

  1. Refinishing the Surface

You can finish your concrete by staining, scoring or adding more paving. These surface treatments can only be applied to concrete that is already fully cured.

  • Stains can be used to alter the colour or texture of concrete paving by breaking through the surface. They weaken the surface, and they require a sealant to protect the paving from degradation. For details on Concrete Swindon, go to https://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/concrete-swindon/
  • Score pattern. Cutting into concrete by about 1/4″ will create a scoring pattern. These cuts create a rhythmic pattern that is visible across the concrete field. Grids, diamonds, and repeating lines are popular scoring patterns.
  • Paving veneer. You can add pavers to your existing concrete as long as it does not create any drainage or walking hazards. The concrete is used as the foundation and the pavers mortared onto the base. Be aware of how the added thickness of the paving affects the edges and height of your patio.

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2. Add Walls
A low wall can transform a patio into a private outdoor space. This is a very different feel from an open patio. The wall, which could be a concrete veneer, serves as a visual frame that separates the patio from the landscape beyond.

You don’t want a wall? You can create privacy and enclosure by adding an outdoor screen or a vine-covered trellis.

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3. Change the Light
Consider adding downcast lights or changing the natural lighting to give your patio an entirely different feel at night. Shade can make a patio feel more inviting if it’s blinded with full sun. Add low-glow lighting to brighten up a gloomy, dark patio.

4. Pergolas
A pergola or other overhead structure is a great way to create a space that feels enclosed. The nooks and crannies in which people feel comfortable and private are the most popular.

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