The benefits of better understanding the female body

It’s not unusual to hear men report not being able to identify the different parts of a female’s genitalia, but you wouldn’t expect women to have the same problem. And yet, surveys have revealed that 70% of women were as puzzled by the mystery of their private parts as the guys. Only half could correctly identify the vagina! Less anatomical research has been done into female genitalia which might explain why many of the female population are also struggling to get to grips with their own anatomy.

Why do we need to know?

Understanding your body is the key to better sex. Not knowing your anatomy can hinder your ability to achieve orgasm. When you know your body, you can find greater sexual satisfaction in your relationships.

Unfortunately, not all women get this opportunity, as there is a lot of poor information out there. Assumptions are made that women receive anatomical instruction and sex education guidance from their mothers, but many do not which leads to a lack of education regarding care, hygiene and sexual health.

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The sex education received at school can be rather hit and miss. It is often delivered by embarrassed teaching staff who barely cover the basics. The internet provides the modern woman with lots of information, but only if she actively seeks it. This is still not accessible or useful for all women.

Having sexual knowledge is more than simply improving your sex life. By having a greater understanding of the body, women can learn to care better for themselves. This is important because the better you know your body, the more likely you are to quickly spot when something feels off. Checking regularly for infection is vital for sexual health. For Chlamydia testing kits Bexley, visit

It’s tough for women to talk about these things. What makes it even harder is that science doesn’t fully understand the female orgasm and other sexual functions, so how are women to know what’s going on? The science of sex still needs to address and fully understand female sexuality.

There is some progress. As many as 43% of women surveyed say they now feel comfortable talking about their anatomy, but there’s still a long way to go for women to feel fully empowered about their genitalia.

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Knowing your own body is also important for a wide variety of reasons. Understanding your anatomy, how things look, and feel can improve your sex life, ensure better health, improve relationships and give greater self-confidence.

Knowledge is power, so women must empower themselves when it comes to owning their bodies and feeling comfortable in their own skin. The stigma that once surrounded female sexuality is fading fast and knowledge is now more widely shared and openly discussed. There is more freedom today and no shame in discovering your own body as both science and sexual education continue to progress.



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