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5 keys to how to be more productive

At present, it is very easy to defocus and procrastinate. There are many distracting elements that can make you forget your daily tasks, so you need to know how to be more productive.

Being productive is not just being busy. The truth is that you could be all day of occupation in occupation and that does not mean that you have advanced in your tasks. you need to know how to be more productive.

Being busy does not mean being productive and moving ahead with tasks.

You need to set priorities, and keep the focus on what is really important and add to your development and progress.

To help you more with this topic, I will present the 5 keys to increasing productivity, implement them and achieve excellent results.

How to be more Productive

Key 1: Planning

There are different ranges in the tasks to be done:

  • Important
  • Priority
  • Urgent

If you want to achieve a good level of productivity you have to classify your tasks and locate those that are important, priority and urgent, group them by the rank they have and assign them compliance time.

Key 2: Simplify

The second key is to divide into mini-tasks those that are more extensive.

It is no secret to anyone that when a task threatens to consume more time and energy, it produces heaviness and it is likely that we end up abandoning it, to take it up once we become aware that we are already on a deadline for compliance. you need to know how to be more productive.

how to be more productive

You can segment it and alternate between short and long tasks, or simply divide long ones into phases.

Key 3: Optimize time

There are moments in the day when we waste time unconsciously. Some of those moments are:

  • While you are going or coming from the office or moving to a place
  • When you watch a program on television
  • While you are waiting for a friend/client or client

The recommendation is that you assign the smallest tasks, those that require less effort and concentration to do at those specific times, such as checking the mail, make a call or plan the rest of the day thanks to your agenda or planner. you need to know how to be more productive.

Key 4: Productivity is not doing a thousand things at once

To achieve a good level of productivity, which allows you to perform your day to day and advance in tasks and responsibilities, you must focus on doing one task at a time.

What happens when you try to do a thousand things at once, is that you end up abandoning them all because you wear out more.

So make a list and complete it, go step by step, that way you will finish each task and you will see that your effort has given results, that will continue to motivate you.

Key 5: Make room for rest, good habits and unforeseen events

To have a good level of productivity, we must have the necessary energy. That is why we need to include in our planning moments of relaxation and rest.

In the same way, habits are important. If you think you can have more productivity if you reduce the time to eat, or consume fast food, then you are in error. Take care of your eating habits. you need to know how to be more productive.

Another important factor is the unforeseen events that can assault your day and inevitably deviate from pending responsibilities. If you leave space in your daily schedule for unexpected events, you can always reorganize everything and meet deadlines.

Recommendation to improve and increase productivity

Now that you know the keys to productivity, I have one final recommendation:

If you want to organize yourself better, always have a notebook or notepad on hand. That way you can take your tasks neatly.

The management of your time will depend on the resources you count on and your commitment. So, acquire an appropriate agenda for you.

The writer of this article, currently manages his own blog moment for life and spread happiness and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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