Netball Beginners Top Tips

So you’re thinking about playing netball for the first time, or perhaps you haven’t played since your school days and want to give it another go? There are so many great reasons to play netball that we couldn’t possibly list them all here, but we can give you some fantastic beginner tips for getting off to a great start.

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Get Netball-Kitted Out

When you start any new sport, the best way to feel confident about it is to have the right kit. You’ll need quality fitness clothes for training sessions and may even need to provide your own netball kit for the matches. If you’re not sure check with one of your fellow teammates to make sure you have everything you need.

Practise Passing

Passing is such an important part of netball that practising this is essential for newbies. Find a friend who’s willing to practise passing with you and just keep passing and moving until you know what you are doing. Passing netball drill videos can also be really helpful.  The last thing you want to do is get carried away at the beginning and through the ball so hard it cracks a window.  This could cause a real problem and cost money to repair so maybe having a contact like an Emergency Glaziers in Leicester company found at sites including  Perhaps playing away from the house could be a good start to avoiding damage.

Practise Playing Alone

It may be a team game but you can still get some essential practise in on your own. Whether you fit a netball hoop up on the side of your house or simply chalk one into the wall, you can really hone your shooting skills alone at home. Choose one netball drill video at a time from the selection at numerous sites to give you a head start to the game.

Get Fit

If your fitness levels aren’t what they should be, this shouldn’t put you off getting started, but you should work hard to improve them. To be good at netball you need to have a good level of overall fitness, but you also need to be strong too, especially in your upper body, core and legs. Do a combination of cardio, such as jogging, and strength training to get into optimal shape.

Warming Up

Before you play, whether its an informal training session or a match, make sure you warm up properly. Warming up will make sure your muscles are up to the game and will give you more stamina. In fact make you sure cool down properly too so you are fighting fit for the next training session.

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