dining room wall decor ideas
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5 dining room wall decor ideas

The dining room can be defined, together with the kitchen and the living room, the fulcrum of Italian homes. It is considered the symbol of conviviality, sharing, and hospitality and, also, for this reason. This must be welcoming, functional, and reflect not only the style of the entire house. But also the character of the owner and of those who live there. It does not matter that the area set up for lunch is huge, on the contrary. It often a contained and well-furnished environment is much more pleasant and practical than a large but empty and aseptic room. Here then, in this guide, you will find the 5 ideas for decorating the walls of the room the most trendy ones and which, with my experience as an interior designer, I have verified to be the most popular.

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The wallpaperdining room wall decor ideas

Wallpaper, or upholstery, is definitely back in fashion. On the market, there are many versions available and very practical to affix on the walls and also easy to remove, without damage to the walls. In addition, there are special cards for the kitchen, so that if your dining room is adjacent to this there will be no problems. The trendiest patterns are those that imitate natural materials such as wood, stone, marble, etc. Or very popular are the natural landscapes that also make the room larger: choose forests, fields of lavender or poppies, scenic views, and in high definition. Alternatively, opt for tone-on-tone decorations, classic and refined, ideal for any style and not boring.

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The natural elementsdining room wall decor ideas

For natural elements, I consider several decorative items, even unusual ones. The best known are the stones, the bricks. The ideal stones cover an entire wall of the dining room or just a few corners. These are special and natural materials, capable of creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere, but the cost is often high. Alternatively, you can opt for synthetic decorative materials.

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But which imitate the appearance and shapes of the natural ones just described: the cost is much lower. Always rely on professionals in the sector for the choice and installation. Another idea involves the use of stabilized moss and lichen panels, to be affixed to a single wall. Alternatively, choose real or artificial climbing plants: there are really realistic ones.

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