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From a simple problem of dandruff to anxiety, there are a lot of reasons why the scalp can become sensitive and flake. But in order to give you the best treatment, the most important thing is to find out the cause!

 Excess fat

Dandruff is something common and harmless, which causes the skin to release white or gray scales and remain retained in the hair, which can produce a sensation of dryness and itching on the scalp. Dandruff as such can be a consequence of various conditions, including an excessive development of fat, a fungal infection or eczema.

The solution: The best way to treat it is with a specialized anti-dandruff shampoo. For that, the experts of H & S have developed their anti-dandruff products , which are so powerful and effective that they restore the scalp and leave it healthy without the need to visit a doctor.

the weather

While dandruff is often caused by excess fat, environmental fluctuations can also be harmful to the scalp producing dryness and itching. Cold weather and strong heaters can cause the skin to dry, making it prone to peeling.

The solution: Avoid hot showers and wash your hair less in the winter months to allow your own natural oils to keep your head hydrated. In hot climates, we must bear in mind that sweating and sunburn may also be partly to blame. Take cold showers and use an SPF spray to protect the scalp from the sun’s harmful rays, and try to keep your head covered whenever you are exposed to the sun.

the styling products

Like high temperatures, the heat from the hair dryer or products for straightening could be the cause of itching.

The solution: Try to let the hair dry in the air. This will allow time for the scalp to recover. If you can not live without the irons, smooth the ends only (always using a heat protection spray beforehand, of course) and keep the source of heat away from the scalp. H & S Repair & Care Shampoo  has been specially designed to help you, and leaves hair clean, soft and without dandruff, and you can even use it on dyed hair.

allergic reactions

You may be suffering from some type of dermatitis (an inflammation of the skin that can cause rash and peeling) or eczema, potentially caused by the use of some chemicals or irritants. If this is your case, it is also possible that some red spots appear around the eyebrows or the neck. The cause could be due to any substance that is found in cosmetics, hair dye, or even in your usual detergent, and that react with your skin.

The solution: try to start a discard process, to know what you have an allergic reaction to. Start by changing or eliminating the detergent you use regularly and go removing products and returning to a lifestyle as basic as possible until you can isolate the cause. If this does not work, make an appointment with a dermatologist to investigate more about any allergies you may be experiencing.

 headaches or anxiety

Headaches (whether mild by changes in tension, or annoying migraines) may be accompanied by sensitivity, pain and pressure of the scalp. Stress and anxiety can be the cause of a scalp with itching and irritation. Scientific research has not yet concluded why anxiety is linked to the possibility of itching in the scalp, however one possibility could be the effect that hormones have. Do not discard it.

The solution: We know that it is easier said than done, but trying to limit stress and find ways to relax, for example with meditation or yoga, are two great options that you should try.

an infection

There is a possibility that you are suffering from some type of infection of the hair follicles. If you notice small bumps on the scalp or you suffer itching, swelling or pus, or you notice the skin something warm to the touch, you could have a case of folliculitis, furunculosis or carbunculosis.

The solution: If you feel pain or you can not stop the peeling, visit your doctor, who can prescribe a topical cream or antibiotic. Another unpleasant cause, although not serious, is that the scales you are seeing may be lice. This is more likely if you have school-age children, as they easily spread from person to person. It is important that you treat the lice quickly, because in addition to being highly contagious, they can live more than a month in our body. No problem, go to the pharmacy and they will help you solve it.

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