How to store zucchini
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How to store zucchini

Zucchini is one of the healthiest foods in our diet. Typical of the summer, they are widely used in our most famous recipes, also thanks to the excellent organoleptic qualities.

But if the taste and nutritional properties are of the first order , not even the versatility and good resistance should be underestimated. Consuming zucchini can also be done out of season, thanks to the most effective conservation methods.

So here’s how to best preserve zucchini, also discovering some tips on how to freeze zucchini without losing flavor and quality.

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How to preserve zucchini: the methods

If you decide to buy fresh zucchini, make sure that they are in good health and ripeness, that is, firm and without bruises; the first step for excellent conservation, in fact, starts from the choice of products, which must be treated as little as possible and, of course, organic.

Once at home, you can decide to cook your fresh zucchini or put them away to consume later. Here are the methods to keep your food at its best :

In the fridge:

zucchini, as well as other vegetables such as aubergines, are delicate and oxidize easily. For this reason, you can keep them in the fridge (in the vegetable compartment), for no more than 5-6 days. However, always make sure, before consumption, the health of the product.

Sweet and sour:

another effective method remains that of sweet and sour preservation. The zucchini and sour are easy to prepare: you can just wash and cut the zucchini into rounds, place in a baking pan with vinegar, oil, salt, garlic, and sugar until fluffy. Once cooled, put the zucchini in sterilized jars and cover with oil. This way you can keep them in the fridge for 4-5 months.

In oil :

this is certainly the most effective and well-known method, adopted for many foods in our kitchen. The preservation of pickled zucchini can be maintained in good condition even with cooked courgettes, the grilled zucchini, and sauteed zucchini. It is also a widely used way by all people who prefer to preserve zucchini without vinegar. In this case, follow our guide on zucchini in oil, to proceed at best.

How to freeze zucchiniHow to store zucchini

Another important method of preserving zucchini is the one that provides the freezer. Freezing zucchini in your freezer can be easy and at the same time advantageous solution, as it allows you to keep these foods throughout the winter.

You start (as in any case) by washing and cutting the courgettes, at your convenience. Once cleaned, they should be dried well, perhaps keeping them at rest on a cloth, so as to prevent them from sticking to each other inside the freezer bags.

Then place the courgettes inside the bags before placing them in the freezer. In this way, you can keep your zucchini for about 8 months without any contraindications.

When you want to cook them, do not defrost them days in advance. Just take them out of the freezer a few minutes before cooking, and maybe heat them in a pan for a few moments. Following these indications, the consistency of the zucchini remains intact despite the many months in the cold.

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