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Did you just graduate? This is what you need to get a job

Leaving the university career and facing the world of work is usually a process full of changes and emotions. And although the interests are as diverse as people, linking to the labor market is the dream of many who want to start generating their income and build their working life.

No matter what area you have chosen, be it science or humanities, job search will always be a challenge, even for those who have already had some experience. And adding the difficult economic situation in which many national companies are, this has led to unemployment still have quite high figures.

According to the DANE, in the April-June 2018 quarter, the unemployment rate for young people aged 14 to 28 years was 16.1% in the national total . There was also a great difference between men and women. For young men the unemployment rate in the same quarter was 12.7%, the overall participation rate was 65.6% and the employment rate was 57.2%. While for young women the unemployment rate was 20.6%, the overall participation rate was 49.9% and the employment rate was 39.6%.

On the other hand, based on the Labor Overview 2018 for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Labor Organization – ILO, youth unemployment continues to increase in the regional average, since it went from 18.9% in 2017 to 19.5% in 2018. Which means that one in five young people between 15 and 24 who are looking for work can not find it .

In Colombia, young people in Bogotá with university studies are the ones who take the longest to find work, with 31 weeks compared to the 20 that a unemployed person takes nationally. Although the capital is still the best paying and profitable city for recent graduates, on average they earn $ 2,000,000, while in regions like Antioquia, the Eje Cafetero, Huila and Tolima earn $ 1,600,000 in their first job .

What’s going on?

According to a study by ManpowerGroup, on global employment prospects, which surveyed 39,135 employers from more than 43 countries, there is a shortage of talent in the world and employers have difficulty finding qualified people who can fill a professional vacancy. The three main factors that cause this situation are: lack of applicants (29%), experience (20%) and necessary skills (19%).

Javier Echeverry, Country Manager of ManpowerGroup Colombia, said that “part of the causes of the shortage of talent is that there is a lack of correspondence between what people are studying and what organizations need . In addition, to this we must add the subject of technology, which is having a very large impact because many charges are being replaced by artificial intelligence. ”

While Andrés Rodríguez, Phd. and former director of law specialization at the University of Santo Tomas, believes that the problem lies in the fact that universities are not counting on work experience programs that can effectively link students to their work areas , nor are they teaching them the skills needed. “You see resumes and interviews that look like lies. It is necessary to guide students to work skills in order to compete, especially in the last semesters of the race. ”

For this reason, it is ideal for companies to take professional practices into account as a factor that adds work experience to generate more possibilities for young people to obtain employment in the future.

5 skills to not be unemployed anymore

The Office of Graduates and Professional Development -OEDP- of the Faculty of Administration of the University of the Andes found in its study of the “Colombian Market: Trends and labor challenges” 5 fundamental aspects in which you as a recent graduate should focus to get to call the attention of an employer

.1.Learnability or ‘Learnability’: 

This is the ability of an individual to learn new knowledge that is applicable to their work and that allows them to remain employable in the long term. If you arrive thinking that you already know everything, you will lose the vacancy.

According to the World Economic Forum, this is one of the competencies that companies consider indispensable when taking into account a work profile , since it fulfills a double function, contributes to the development of knowledge of the person and at the same time generates value to the company .

Also keep in mind that this is your sole responsibility, since you must use digital tools to strengthen your skills and increase your work value.

2. Creativity: 

Although it sounds contradictory since you have the belief that the employee must follow orders from the employer, now more than ever companies are looking for minds that leave the comfort zone.

The creative thinking will be strongly valued if you bring new ideas that contribute to the renewal of processes and corporate culture.

3. Customer service: 

In the sectors of sales companies of products and services, this ability is indispensable. And even if it is not part of the sector, the ability to interact with clients and offer them integral solutions depending on each one of their needs is increasingly appreciated because with technological advances, easy, friendly and quick solutions are the bread of every day.

4. Good verbal and written communication: 

What happens if you have great ideas but do not know how to express them? This can be worth your chance to be hired. Both in group exhibitions, as in the presentation of reports or the creation of proposals, it is necessary to articulate and have developed the ability to express oneself correctly orally and in writing.

5. Problem resolution: 

This aspect is essential that you know how to demonstrate in your resume . Give examples of how in the past you have faced conflicts or problems, because in work environments every day there are difficulties that professionals must deal with correctly so as not to alter the order of a company’s processes.

José Carvajal, director of Human Resources for the northern region of Abbvie, affirms that “to find people who have the capacity, agility, adaptability and resilience to be in positions that will face a VUCA environment (Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), is supremely important for organizations “.

Additionally keep in mind that other more traditional aspects such as teamwork, proactivity, mental agility, knowing other languages, leadership and emotional intelligence are still a good ace up your sleeve to have in times of job search .

So that’s why we recommend converting those feelings of nerves, frustration and anxiety that you are probably feeling for your new stage of life in an engine to make a conscious analysis of which of these aspects you need, which ones should improve and in which ones you have to great opportunities .

The writer of this article, currently manages his own blog moment for life and spread happiness and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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