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Dating with Chinese Girls: How to know them and how to conquer them

Italians and not only, are very attracted to women with almond eyes and specifically above all to Chinese girls.

Either because it is said that they are very compliant with their males, or because it is thought that they are very good in bed, our readers often ask us for advice on how to meet them.

The easiest and fastest way today is certainly the use of the internet is to spend a magical night or, perhaps, to start a relationship or even to find Chinese women to marry. The questions we will focus on in this article are, therefore:

  • the secrets to know
  • the ideal man for oriental women
  • things the Chinese like
  • how to know them / Asian chat

Let’s start by answering the question: Are Chinese girls easy to approach? Is it easier to win them over than European girls, Western in general?

The answer is yes, but we must also explain how, when, and why it is easy to meet and conquer them. Everything will depend on the type of approach you take.

Everything can be easy if you use the right strategy even if it alone is not enough.

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Dating with Chinese women: secret # 1

We reveal a secret: Chinese women prefer Europeans (including Italians), their white skin. Generally, they don’t like dark skin, and do you know why? Because, based on their culture, dark skin indicates a lower social class.

Sun-tanned skin is typical of field workers, according to their common conception. The fair-skinned man or woman is of higher class.

Many girls use an umbrella, they avoid walking on the street in the sun without protection. So, if you have fair skin you are definitely at an advantage: it will be easier for you to conquer a Chinese girl in everyday life and, especially online.

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Chinese women in Italy there are many, nowadays. On the web, thanks to the best-specialized sites for dating with Chinese girls you save precious time and you can choose your favorite. Do you think one click is enough?

No, the girl who attracts you will have to treat her according to certain criteria. Are you ready to follow our advice?

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The ideal man for oriental womenDating with Chinese Girls

What do Chinese girls like? We’ve already told you secret number one, but we wanted to prepare a complete list of their preferences. Chinese women are attracted to men:

– with light skin and (possibly, but it is not essential) with light hair, in short, different from Chinese men;

– high in spite of the average of their compatriots;

– more mature because they associate age with experience and financial stability;

– very busy at work, the idle does not know what to do with it.

There are many Chinese women to marry who dream of coming to Italy or who move to our country with this idea in mind.

A Chinese girl is ‘easy’ especially when she manages to meet an honest man who is looking for a stable, serious relationship, aimed at marriage.

Traditionally, they start thinking about the wedding after a few months of engagement: in China, it is normal to get married at a young age.

It takes some patience with Chinese women because they are a little jealous, just enough to show you they care about you. In return, they are willing to take care of you, to give you everything even in bed.

How to deal with Chinese girls: mistakes to avoid in Step 1

Eastern culture is different from Western culture, we all know that. In this sense, Chinese girls are more reserved, more reserved than their Italian counterparts.

At first glance, they may seem colder but it isn’t. According to their culture, they are used to giving little confidence to strangers, at least at first.

Generally, the Chinese woman doesn’t get along with cheekiness and, even if she likes you, she won’t show it until she gets in tune with you.

Obviously, a Chinese woman already perfectly integrated in Italy, in our society, will have learned to be more casual, open, and expansive but this is another matter.

The classic Chinese girl is her own way, so we advise you to avoid making the following mistakes.

In the first stage of the approach, you absolutely must not :

– be cheeky, rude, and vulgar by behaving like the classic ‘alpha’ male;

– talk about sex, at least the first few times. The classic Chinese girl treats the subject with delicacy but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like doing it;

– exaggerate with both compliments and excessive physical approach, unless she is the one to take the first step. She likes to be courted and to receive compliments but in the right doses;

– try with others in his presence;

– lying (just can’t stand it);

– be jealous;

– being too condescending because she likes those who can say ‘no’ when needed.

What Chinese like: Phase 2 of the approach

All this only in the first phase of the approach, just enough time to become familiar. In the second phase, you will have to be decisive and resourceful, what all but all women in the world like. Chinese girls love to communicate, laugh, have fun.

They are also very balanced, practical, and concrete. They appreciate kindness and men who talk about family. For them, the family is the highest value.

Respect the culture and traditions of the Chinese girl you want to meet. Little practical advice: when he invites you to his house, remember to remove your shoes before entering.

How do know them?

If you want to be on the safe side, you don’t speak Chinese and you get along with English, the most effective way is to sign up for a dating site with Chinese or, more generally, Asian women. You will be able to select the best profiles according to your tastes, needs, and linguistic limits.

Online you can also find Chinese residing in Italy who have no problem speaking your language. especially in established sites such as which having a high number of subscribers will allow you to chat both with girls already in Italy and with women who are still in their country.

You can start with the idea of ​​looking for a wife and then indulge in a flirt or, on the contrary, go hunting for magical nights and find yourself madly in love. In some things, it is difficult to plan.

After signing up for free on an Asian dating site, you can browse profiles, choose the girl of your dreams and use the Asian chat to exchange messages. If you want to meet the girl physically, it is obviously advisable to avoid contact with almond-eyed beauties who live in China who, moreover, do not speak either Italian or English.

The online approach is discreet and very practical: if you know how to behave in the right way you will be able to organize a meeting in a short time.

When the time comes to meet her, remember all the advice we gave you.

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