Explaining Diamond Cuts

Think a diamond only comes in one shape? Well, think again. If you’re in the market for a shiny piece of bling, then you’ll need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Here are some of the different available shapes when you’re shopping for diamonds:

Round Cut

This is the most traditional cut used in diamond rings. They are often seen in solitaire diamond rings, being the traditional standard shape for engagement rings, for example. It is a timeless and elegant cut which is also seen in eternity and dress rings. Most of this style will be classed as ‘Ideal’ cut diamonds, which are not as multifaceted as ‘Brilliant’ cut diamonds.

Emerald Cut

Cut into a more rectangular shape, this diamond is known as an Emerald cut. They are mostly oblong in shape, with straight edges. The corners of the stone are usually clipped a little to help provide additional facets to the diamond. It’s the facets that make a ring catch the light and sparkle when worn. This style is popular for eternity rings. Diamonds cut in this way are also widely seen in multi-gem ring designs. This is because their shape enables them to sit well next to each other.  When you think of safely cutting diamonds and protecting yourself and the things around you it might be worth getting Pipe Protectors which you can source from sites like to guard the wires and the water pipes.

Square Cut

This is the second most popular choice for a diamond ring, after the round cut style.  They are also known as Princess cut diamonds and make exceptionally beautiful diamond rings. Square or Princess cut diamonds are often slightly oblong in shape, a design element that increases the shine and sparkle of the gem. This shape has become increasingly popular over time and is considered a fancy cut diamond.

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Baguette Cut

A strange sounding name, but this shape is, in actual fact, very similar to a square or emerald cut diamond. The difference lies in that a baguette cut stone will be slightly narrower than a square or emerald cut. This makes them more elongated. This cut is popular for eternity rings also. It can also be found in multi-stone pieces, as the thinness of the stone makes it ideal for accentuating sidebands in a diamond ring.

Marquise Cut


This is one of the most stunning and classical cuts for a diamond. The stone is elongated and curved on the sides but taper into a point at the top and bottom. This is a highly desired diamond ring shape, working perfectly for solitaire rings and necklaces alike.

Pear Shaped

This is a good combination if you can’t decide between a round cut and marquise cut. You’ll get the benefit of a beautifully curved bottom that tapers into a point at the top, just like a pear.

Heart Shaped

Nothing says romance like a heart-shaped diamond. For the one you love, there is nothing more sentimental and romantic. This diamond shape becomes very popular during Valentine’s and Christmas, as well as good sales all year round. This shape is perfect for solitaire and eternity style rings.

Oval Cut

Yet another absolutely classic and timeless

look, the oval cut features a round cut diamond that has been stretched out into an elongated oval. This style is often seen in vintage pieces and vintage reproductions. Both oval and pear-shaped stones are enjoying a resurgence in popularity after going out of fashion for a while.



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