How to paint a gate
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How to Paint a Gate? Do It Yourself by Following These Tricks

Anyone who owns a house knows how important the periodic maintenance of different parts such as the roof, the windows, the garden and among these there is also the gate. Being outside it is easy to understand how exposure to bad weather tends to fade and consume the original color as well as letting rust act undisturbed. If we have some free time, there is no need to turn to experts because the products on the market today allow anyone with a minimum of mastery to paint a gate without finding too many obstacles. Let’s see then, in the following guide, how to paint a gate.

How to paint a gate?

You will need:

  • Sand paper
  • Protective goggles
  • Work gloves
  • Cloth
  • Turpentine
  • Antirust
  • Nail varnish

How to paint a gate

Prepare the area

First of all, we have to choose the right day. It is advisable to carry out this work when it does not rain and when it is not expected for at least a couple of days before starting painting the gate. If it rains immediately after we have painted, the finish can be damaged and the work proves useless. We must also avoid windy days, as the wind can cause debris and insects to attack on fresh paint. The ideal, therefore, would be a cool day with no direct sunlight. The sun, in fact, could slow down the drying process of the paint, while a low temperature would speed up this process. We prepare a sheet on the floor to protect the surrounding area from paint stains, rusts and debris. Keep reading how to paint bubbles.

Remove the gate

We begin to sand down starting with coarse-grained sandpaper, the thin one will be used to complete the initial cleaning. Bringing back the metal is necessary to avoid future detachment of the paint, therefore we must make the entire surface smooth and free of residues. After the preliminary phase, with a cloth soaked in turpentine, we must remove the dust that has been created on the metal, after which we can spread the anti-rust primer, taking care not to leave out any points; if desired, we can repeat another hand at least 7 hours apart.

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Paint the gate

So far we have seen a relatively easy job that is suitable for gates without particular processes or inconvenient points to reach. We apply a metal primer for exteriors. This helps fill in the gaps left by the rust and helps seal the area to prevent further corrosion. The primer can be applied using a spray gun or a brush. We allow the gate to dry according to the guidelines of the primer manufacturer before painting the gate. Like the primer, the paint can be applied with either a spray gun or a brush. We choose a suitable external metallic paint that works effectively with the primer and the chosen application method.

Apply the anti-rust

If instead, we have an elaborate railing, the maintenance of which would require a lot of application, we can skip many steps by purchasing a unique product such as modern rust converters, which act chemically with the metal, making it a tough and resistant film. Furthermore, it is not necessary to apply the enamel as it is already included in a single application.

Bringing back the metal is necessary to avoid future detachment of the paint.

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