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FALL in Love With Your Porch This Autumn With These Exciting Decorations

Autumn is the perfect time for decorating your house with seasonal elements like maple leaves, tiny pumpkins, Jack O’lanterns, and other aesthetic decor pieces that will create a sense of comfort. Your porch, however, is just as important a part of your place as the interior of your home, and a well-decorated entry area can immediately put you in a good mood once you arrive home after a cold and stressful day of work. In this article, you’ll find a list of some decor elements that will help you transform your porch into a lovely place where you’ll want to spend your fall evenings.

Fall Wreath

Creating a Fall Wreath is an easy and beautiful way to decorate your porch for autumn. Although there are lots of pre-made options in literally any store, we recommend making one yourself. This way, you can personalize your fall wreath with natural elements like dried leaves, pine cones, and dried flowers, but also transform the process of creating it into a fun activity for the whole family. Go to your local park or a forest and collect some dried leaves of all colors and then make your own wreath by gluing everything together. For some extra color and texture, try adding gourds or little pumpkin and hand it with colorful ribbons in autumnal shades.

Door Knocker

While speaking of ways to decorate your entryway, we can’t omit the popular door knockers, particularly the Celtic ones. Autumn is the season of mystery and magic, and such a decor element is sure to make your porch more eye-catching than all the other houses down the street. Celtic door knockers are in high demand because of their design and the durable materials like brass and pewter that they’re made of These decorations feature ancient symbols of good luck like the shamrock or unique wishes for health and protection of the house which makes them the best addition to your porch decor. Plus, if you get yourself a Celtic door knocker, you’ll definitely impress anyone coming over to your place.

Rocking Chair

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do as a child was to sit in my grandma’s rocking chair. A porch definitely needs a seating area where you can admire the landscapes and enjoy the crisp air, and while a basic sofa is always a safe choice, a rocking chair is a much more interesting seating option. Decorate your chair with a plush blanket, some cozy pillows, and a small table nearby so that you can drink your morning coffee or late night tea in peace, unwind, and enjoy the natural beauties of this time of the year.


Finally, we obviously couldn’t make this list without including one of the most essential parts of any fall season – the pumpkins! These classic decorations never go out of style and can instantly make any porch look more festive and appealing during the fall months. Get some pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and place them on tables, shelves, stairs, and any other place where you think they’ll look great.  Just like the fall wreath, you can engage in a family activity of carving silly or scary faces into some of them or painting them in different colors to make them look more unique.

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