Adding a circular skirt to your collection

Sewing clothes for yourself and others is a hobby that many people enjoy. There is the thrill of turning a simple pattern and your chosen Dressmaking Fabrics into a finished garment that you can enjoy for years to come. If you are looking for a fabric store then Click here to go to Quality Fabrics who will be able to help you out with a variety of fabric requirements.

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Circular skirts seem to be one pattern that many home dressmakers fear but in actual fact it is the one design that can be created in around an hour. If you are looking for a new outfit at short notice then a circular skirt can be a great pattern choice for you. There are a number of different styles of circular skirt available depending on how full you want the skirt to be. You can make a full circle skirt, three-quarter skirt, half and finally a quarter skirt. You can draft a skirt for any of these desired options and can alter the length of the skirt depending on what look you are going for.

Here is a basic idea of how to create a full circle skirt. You can find many different patterns and advice online to help you.

The amount of material that will be required will change based on the height and waist of the person that you are making the skirt for. Once you have purchased your material and prepared it by washing, drying and ironing all based on the manufacturer’s instructions, you can start laying the fabric out for cutting.

Fold the material in half lengthwise and then in half width ways so you end up with a piece of materials that is four pieces thick. If you want to add a material waistband to your skirt you need to cut a piece for this, if not you can use exposed elastic. Once you have your material laid out you can begin to mark the waist area.

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There are some calculations that need to be undertaken, which once again you can find online, or you can take a skirt that already fits you comfortably and fold it is half across the waist and then in half again and use this to trace around. Once you have the measurements that you need you should measure down from the folded point area of the material the given amount and repeat this in a full arc across the wait area. Cut this section out. You then need to decide on the skirt length, measure this from the cut waistband area and again mark in several places and draw an arc for the skirt hem (if you want to create a more romantic feminine look you may want to create a handkerchief hem which means leaving the the base square). Once you have cut this you can hem your skirt and place the elastic or material waistband into place and sew into position.

After a quick iron you a skirt that is ready to wear.

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