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The 6 Characteristics of the millennial generation

The millennial generation is made up of people born between the 80s and the 90s. This generation is also known as the “Y” generation, or millennial generation. In this article we will see what are its main characteristics of the millennial generation , taking into account that this group is made up of mixed age ranges.

How are the millennials?

In general terms, the millennial generation is characterized by being flexible in many aspects, and may even be unpredictable in comparison with previous generations, in which it is easier to establish patterns of behavior more clear and recurrent.

Characteristics of the millennial generation

Now we will see a list that includes the main characteristics of the millennial generation taking into account various factors that have influenced them.

1. They are digital natives

Members of Generation Y started to get to know digital media during their childhood , and in their adulthood they reach a world dominated by digital media and Internet-related technology.

Therefore, the management and understanding of these new technologies is very internalized in their natural development process; in some cases more than others, that is clear.

2. They have a greater ability to multitask

Because they have grown up in a world where immediacy is becoming more and more common, and with smartphones they can perform different tasks at the same time, millennials have a great capacity to tackle multiple tasks with a good level of attention to each .

This capability is not necessarily limited to electronic devices; that is, a millennial does not have to be dependent on a smartphone to perform multiple tasks, but is able to extrapolate that capacity to other aspects of his life.

3. Higher level of academic preparation

In general terms, generation Y has had greater opportunities in terms of academic preparation.

The training processes gradually transcended the classrooms to become personalized learning styles. In these new styles, each person has greater control over the topics in which it deepens , and does not depend solely on what the teacher teaches during the hours of the subject.


Apart from all that, there are now models of distance education with which people can comfortably learn from their homes, in front of the computer. This has made one of the characteristics of the millennial generation is their ability to learn on their own , often without the need of a teacher.

4. They are citizens of the world

Although it does not leave its country of origin, the millennial generation is largely formed by subjects who know and feel identified with people and cultures different from those of their country of birth .

For example, someone born in Venezuela can know through Internet a person from Argentina, and begin to feel identified customs, and in general terms, with the lifestyle of that country.

5. They present a higher level of demand

Millennials are people with a tendency to look for good results, they are aware that currently there are the necessary resources for things to be done in the best way.

This tendency does not occur only at the moment of acquiring a product, but also they are demanding with themselves when it comes to carrying out a certain activity.

6. They look for a job that defines them


Another of the most distinctive characteristics of the millennial generation is that it seeks to feel identified with its work . This is something that did not happen with previous generations, in which the important thing was to improve economically and professionally.

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