Five football feint and dribble techniques every player should know

A well-executed feint and dribble is one of the most impressive and effective techniques employed in the modern football game. Watching top players such as Barcelona’s Lionel Messi weave their way through the opposition, the many hours of intense skills training they have been through to achieve such a high level of competence is plain to see. There are some important skills and techniques to these football plays, but they can be learnt with time and dedication so why not put on your favourite Football Kits from stockists like and get out on the field and give them a go.

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While one feint looks very much like another to a casual observer, there are a number of different techniques that can be employed depending on the specific situation encountered during a game. There are also a number of soccer drills that can be used to perfect these techniques. The body move, for example, is ideal for situations when you find yourself moving towards an opponent at high speed. Take a glance towards the direction you are feinting, followed by a long step. The moment your opponent also takes a step in that direction, switch to the opposite side and accelerate.


If you find yourself under pressure from an opponent, try the back foot technique. This not only sends an opponent in the wrong direction but also creates a space, allowing you to pass or take a shot. In the scissors move, you step over the ball in one direction before moving off quickly in the other, sending your opponent the wrong way.

The passing move involves giving the impression you are about to pass, in an attempt to wrong-foot your opponent, and then keeping the ball yourself. The shooting move is similar and is ideal for getting around a very close opponent. It involves pretending to take a shot before moving quickly to a better position.


Finding the best possible soccer drills to teach feint and dribble techniques is a time-consuming process. Signing up with a coaching expert such as gives you access to numerous drills, making it easy to create many hours of fun and engaging training sessions.

When rehearsing moves of this kind, always bear in mind that good defenders are taught to focus their attention on the ball rather than your feet. If you want to catch a defender off guard or send them in the wrong direction, you will need to feint with your entire body. By ‘selling’ the feint in this way, you dramatically increase your chances of success.

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