These 5 methods will get you more leads from your PPC campaign

If expanding your leads is one of your priorities, here are five methods that could deliver the kinds of meaningful rewards you are hoping to secure.

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Give existing content campaigns a bit of TLC

There are always ways to make your content work harder for your business. Think about whether testing the effects of retargeting a campaign or launching banner ads will increase your return on investment (ROI) and help you to leverage the maximum value from your content spend.

Expand your keywords

The best way to introduce breadth and depth into your keyword list is often to identify keyword verticals that sit within new ad groups and analyse any search query data generated by previous campaigns

If you aren’t sure how to identify the most valuable opportunities and are looking to connect with professional SEO services London has results-based teams that know precisely how to devise personalised strategies that will help you to achieve your core goals and objectives.

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Investigate new platforms

LinkedIn and Facebook have an attractive combination of large, engaged audiences, expanding PPC platforms and interesting ad targeting capabilities. Channelling your attention towards these platforms could allow you to run PPC campaigns that won’t struggle to gain traction against the tough competition you might face by running an AdWords campaign.

Boost your click-through rates (CTRs)

Increasing qualified click-throughs can be difficult, but it is far from impossible. Ditching the gimmicks and focusing on writing relevant ads that appeal to searcher intent and only make promises that your landing pages can deliver will attract the right prospects and boost your conversion potential.

If you are willing to delve a bit deeper, breaking down your search campaigns will help you to develop keyword groups with added relevance and enhance the clickability of your ads. If you want to obtain some guidance in this area and are looking for professional SEO services London is home to a variety of world-class teams.

Test new offers

Delivering something different to your existing traffic is an excellent way to encourage additional conversions. Just make sure that you understand how your new offers will convert into sales to ensure that making the switch will deliver results.

With a bit of analysis and creative thinking, increasing your leads without also elevating your cost per acquisition is well within your grasp.


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