The recognition of Gender Discrimination

It seems hard to believe that in this day and age we still have a situation where Men and Women are paid different rates. For centuries it was Men who got more despite both Sexes working at exactly the same job. This discrimnation was not limited to the world of work. It was also clear in law. For example, the debate over who should be paid child benefit was argued strongly in favour of men. However it was crucially decided that it be paid to the Mothers thus ensuring that the benefit would stay with them. Even now there are cases of a Constructive Dismissal Claim that centres around someone losing a job purely because of there Sex. It’s time to use Employment Law Friend if that’s the case.

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It was Mary Wollstonecraft, writing in 1792, with her book the ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ that begins to highlight, and even fully lay down, the poisotion of women in society. Just as Roussouu had taked about the Rights of Man it’s clear that he did not think about women in his writing.

The Suffergettes, are the next notably oppoentents to the Gneder discrmination surrounding votes. The if the aboity for all men in society to vote was hard one then the same was going to be true to women. Even then they were only able to secure it for married women over the age of 25. Universal suffrage was to come later.

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Finally, we can see the rise of the Feminist movements from the ’60s onwards. During the Wars, women had proved beyond doubt that they were more than capable of doing men’s work, and the old fashioned arguments were disappearing.

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