baby shower ballon game

7 brilliant ways to use baby shower balloon game

If you expect a baby and you throw yourself to organize a party to celebrate his birth do not forget to prepare baby shower balloon game with which to spend an entertaining day. These celebrations of birth celebration do not have to consistonly in an invitation destined to reunite loved ones, to snack something together and to open gifts.

For your party baby shower is different offers you seven different entertaining games that the laughs are guaranteed.

baby shower balloon game. how to celebrate your party

Fill the basket

When you are a mom you will ask yourself more than once how to order everything your baby needs to fit in your walking bag. This game is precisely about filling the bag (you’ll have to have one per team) with as many newborn diapers as you can. The organization will be fundamental when it comes to getting the prize in these games for a baby shower.

Gift Bingo

Make the opening of gifts not only a surprise for you. Invite your friends to pick up a bingo card. You only have to add the gifts that you have put on your list or that you think the guests will bring to your baby shower. They will have to cross out the gifts as you open them. Prepare a few small details for the lucky ones who used to sing line and bingo and give them as a souvenir of your party.

Fishing for pacifiers

baby shower ballon game

Place a good number of pacifiers on a table. You will also need a stick of oriental food per person. In one minute the participants will have to put the toothpick in their mouths and try to catch as many pacifiers as they can. In this game, it is not good to use hands or help with external objects. How many do you think they’ll get to put on the toothpick?

Dexterity with wipes

There are times when it is difficult to use both hands when you are changing the baby. Ask your friends to demonstrate their skill by trying to get one pack of wipes out of a packet. The task, although it seems easy, is not always easy. To complicate it a little more they will have to do it with the opposite hand to which they are usually handled. The one who gets just one wipe will win. If there is a tie, rounds will be made until there is only one winner.

Looking for the hidden sock

Use the baby cart, with your bag and all the accessories you have on hand for this game. The goal is to place everything your child needs for an exit (diapers, creams, clothes or toys) and put all of it the first-aid sock. Keep the other part of the pair to show to the guests. Win the first person to locate the lost sock among all things.

Guess who the baby is

For this game for baby shower ask your guests to send a picture of when they were babies (the smaller the better). Before the party print the photos and hang them on a cork board where all the participants can see them. The game will consist of clicking on posters with the name of each guest under the corresponding photo. Surely they will have fun remembering their images as children.

Match clothes

Put baby clothes in two different laundry baskets and ask your friends to divide into two teams to try to join the clothes making equal sets. If necessary, they will have to find out how to exchange clothes with the other equipment or even remove it. The team that gathers the most combined pieces will win in a determined time.

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