What is the counselling process for couples?

Every relationship takes effort and commitment. Nobody should think that a union of two people will always be blissful and peaceful. Sometimes problems occur that can test the strongest relationships. Whether these are external influences or choices made by one half of the partnership, when issues do arise, counselling and therapy for couples can be effective. If you are considering therapy, it is helpful to understand a little more about what that therapy aims to achieve. Effective counselling for couples has five main goals:

Help to change your perspective on the relationship

A counsellor will assist both partners to see their relationship objectively through the therapy process. It is important to learn not to blame each other when problems arise and instead see them as a shared problem. The counsellor will observe how the partners interact and look for factors that may influence their interactions.

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Encourage alternatives to dysfunctional behaviour

The counsellor, during the various sessions, will attempt to change how both partners interact during the counselling. They will also work towards encouraging behaviour that replaces any dysfunctional behaviour that is causing harm to the relationship.

Reduce emotional avoidance

Couples who avoid expressing their emotions effectively can eventually become emotionally distant from each other and grow apart. Couples counselling will assist the couple in expressing their emotions and feelings, particularly those that they are afraid to show to each other. The couple will hopefully come together again as a result. For more information on Couples Counselling Cheltenham, visit a site such as

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Communication is key to success

Communication is an important part of any relationship, but it is even more so when intimacy is involved. Relationship/couples therapies aim to improve communication in the partnership, while ensuring that couples do not abuse each other or ridicule one another when they express their feelings. Respect and communication are essential in this process.

Strengthening your strengths

A counsellor will highlight the positive aspects of the partnership as the therapy nears its end. Most therapy sessions are focused on the problematic areas of a relationship. This sometimes means that it is easier to overlook the positive aspects of the couple being together. By focusing on the positive aspects of a relationship, the couple can begin to enjoy their time together and not only focus on its negative elements.

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