How to make up sunken eyes
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How to make up sunken eyes: tips and mistakes not to make

This is that time of year when you are always looking for the perfect make-up for the evening. Many different proposals are online. But it is not always easy to find some suggestions on how to make up sunken eyes.

Yes, because there is a false myth to dispel: there is no make-up that is able to enhance all types of eyes in the same way. Anyone who has a sunken eye problem knows that any proposed makeup can turn out to be a bad idea.

Precisely for this reason, make-up for sunken eyes must be carefully studied. And it is necessary to identify the errors to avoid.

Makeup for sunken eyes: colors, finishes, and everything you need to knowHow to make up sunken eyes

The best of the tips on how to do sunken eye makeup? Keep in mind that not all finishes and not all colors are suitable. And that for a glamorous and enhancing make-up you will have to give up something.

Starting from the eyebrows, the mistake to avoid is to draw the final part downwards. Because? Very simple: it would close the look even more. On the contrary, those who have a sunken eye must try to open their gaze so as not to weigh down the defect.

With an opaque eyeshadow, you can define the eyelid crease, creating a shadow to optically divide the mobile eyelid from the fixed eyelid which, in these cases, tends to prevail. To avoid, however, the satin finish. The bright colors used in this area highlight the defect, which should be avoided in the case of a sunken eye.

Lovers of shimmer eyeshadow need not despair. A light and satin color will always be used to emphasize the inner corner of the eye.

Greenlight to your favorite color or that best matches your outfit for the fixed eyelid. Yes also to smoky eyes for sunken eyes if desired, but always highlighting the inner corner of the eye.

And for the external corner? In this case, it is advisable to avoid light colors and shimmer, giving priority to dark and dull colors. The extra idea is to try to raise the eye using a small precision brush. Banned lines that go downwards: the effect on a sunken eye would be disastrous, as it would close the gaze even more.

With a light shade of dark and matte color on the lower eyelid. An optical effect will be created that will immediately make the eyes appear more open. Be careful not to overdo it or, instead of opening your eyes, you will have a terrible eyesore effect.

Eyeliner yes or no? It depends, but beware of drawing too thick a line. It is preferable to create a light shade at the lash line with dark eyeshadow. So as to define the eye without weighing it down.

Bend the lashes and apply mascara: a lot, very black and lengthening to rebalance the proportions of the eye, giving it the right depth.

How to fix the sunken eye problem permanentlyHow to make up sunken eyes

In addition to being difficult to put on, sunken eyes always give a tired, depressed, and aged look. How to act definitively?

Relying on an oculoplastic surgeon it is possible to treat sunken eyes with small injections of the latest generation of hyaluronic acid, which are carried out on the upper eyelids through a flexible microcannula. There is no pain, no hematomas are caused and, above all, the product used to redefine the volumes of the upper eyelid is injected into the area to be treated with extreme precision. The treatment lasts about 30-40 minutes and you can immediately resume all your daily activities.

The positive effect of these upper eyelid filler treatments is that the final result of the make-up will also improve. By eliminating the defect it will be possible, in fact, to obtain exciting make-up and, above all, effectively enhancing the look.

All that remains is to contact us to find out everything you need to know about the treatment and how to solve the problem of sunken eyes.

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