What is Contaminated Land Remediation

Contaminated Land Remediation is a complex and professional operation that involves the prevention, rectifying or mitigation of land that has become contaminated or poisoned by anything deemed to be harmful to the environment or to human beings. Purifying and revitalising harmful toxins that have unfortunately polluted previously healthy soil on the infected land. Contamination of soil can be accidentally or intentionally caused, biologically, chemically or physically and its remediation can involve several solutions. Experienced, professional companies such as soilfix.co.uk/ can use specialist bacteria treatments to break down harmful substances in the soil.  They could decide that the best solution to converting contaminated soil back into its non-hazardous state would be the use of Chemical Oxidation.  Perhaps the addition of immobilising agents that reduce any contaminants’ leachability might be their choice of action.

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Only after a thorough investigation and depending on the extent and nature of the contamination, will the highly trained and dedicated Team of Remediation experts make a decision as to which solution to use.  Firstly, an onsite Survey is carried out before the Team completes an intrusive investigation and decides on the appropriate remediation process to use, then a final verification that their treatment has been successful.

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Once Contaminated soil has been remediated and classified as safe it can be used for building residential or commercial properties.  The elite Team in charge of the remediation process have many years of experience behind them so are the best at what they do.

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