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Get Lifted Singer John Legend Net Worth and Biography

John Legend (December 28, 1978) is one of the complete artists of his generation, and without a doubt, he is not afraid of changes. He has an exceptional talent to carry out every activity that is proposed masterfully. This is demonstrated by being awarded several times and being recognized as one of the few EGOT artists. We invite you to discover more about the history of this American singer and actor in the john legend net worth.

John Legend net worth and biography

A short time later, through Devo Springsteen, he meets Kanye West, with whom he signed a record deal that would mark the beginning of John Legend’s career. The artistic name of John Legend comes from the poet J. Ivy, who started calling him this way because, according to him, John’s music “sounded like that of ancient legends.” The John Legend net worth is counted 45 million US dollars. You can read The net worth of Lil peep.

john legend net worth

John-Roger Stephens was born on December 28, 1978, in the city of Springfield, Ohio (United States). His parents, Phyllis Elaine Lloyd and Ronald Lamar Stephens, were music lovers, so John was always surrounded by different sounds and rhythms. He was educated at home by his mother, who was a seamstress and member of the choir of the church in his community. So, from a very young age, he was part of the choir and learned to play the piano.

Student life

He studied at a high school in his hometown, from which he graduated as second in his class. He subsequently received invitations from prestigious universities such as Harvard and Georgetown. However, he opted for the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied English philology oriented to African-American literature. During his stay at the university, he approached the world of music and was part of a group of jazz and pop Capela. John got very good reviews for his voice and interpretations during his time in the group.

John Legend began making small presentations in Philadelphia, and as his popularity grew, he began to perform in other larger cities, such as New York and Atlanta. During this time, John produced two independent albums that he promoted during his presentations, entitled demo (2000) and Live at Jimmy’s Uptown (2001).

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The rise of John Legend

His debut album, Get Lifted, he came under the label GOOD Music in 2004. He attended and editing music greats like Kanye West and William. Get Lifted became a success in sales and shot the fame of John Legend at the international level by quickly reaching the top of the Billboard charts.

The stir caused by the rising star reached its climax in 2006 when he was awarded the Grammy Award in the category of Best R&B Album. Also, he was nominated in the categories of best new artist and best male vocal performance R&B. After this fact, the rise to fame of John Legend was unstoppable and won the respect and admiration of many colleagues who subsequently approached to propose collaborations.

john legend net worth

That same year John Legend released his second album, Once Again, which again featured the co-production of Kanye West and William. The success of this album was tremendous and managed to position itself in the top of the “Top R & B / Hip-Hop Albums ” list of Billboard, where issues were outstanding Heaven and Save Room.

In 2008 his new album, Evolver, goes on sale. In this, he focused on giving the message that his music “would not be stagnant” and “evolve,” which he achieved perfectly. This album featured important themes for the artist, such as Green Light and Satisfaction.

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In 2013, he launched Love, in which John Legend said he wanted to “give a more modern touch” to his music. The theme All of Me contained on the disk became one of the greatest successes of all time and attributed various awards and commemorations.

I go through the movies and television

John Legend always felt much interest and admiration for the world of acting, so he ventured into this area. In 2006 he participated in an episode of Sesame Street ( Sesame Street Google (Android 10.0) ) where he performed, along with Hoz the Owl, the song It Feels Good When You Sing a Song. In 2008 he played a soul singer in the movie Soul Man, along with Samuel L. Jackson.

Later he made appearances in episodes of well-known series like Las Vegas and Royal Pains and also participated in Dancing with the Stars and Lip Sync Battle in the years 2010 and 2015, respectively. In 2016, after the release of his album Darkness and Light, he participated in the famous film La La Land. In this one, he played Keith and sang the song Start a Fire.

john legend net worth


In 2017 John Legend became one of the few EGOT artists. Named for having won the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards, considered the most important in the entertainment industry.

For the year 2017, he plays, together with Ariana Grande, the new version of the song Beauty and the Beast, for the famous Disney film Beauty and the Beast. In 2019 he decides to take the role of the coach in the important talent program The Voice.

I think people sometimes expect artists to remain unchanged. I want my career to be remembered for the fact that I always experienced and tried new things.

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