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Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review

If you are one of those who never compromise with health. Then, the juice is one of the musts which belongs to your daily health chart.

There is no question how good juice works for our health? But juice made with centrifugal juicers can harm your health more than help.

Centrifugal juicers juices at very high speed, which fills the juice with much air and damages the nutrient cells and also oxidizes the juice.

That’s why the juice intoxicates earlier and becomes hard to store, but masticating juicers don’t have those issues. Those juicers juices at low speed and keeps the juice air-free and de-oxidized.

So, the juice remains healthy.

The Omega J8006 is a milestone among the world of masticating juicers. It is the juicer which holds the place of the best seller in Amazon with a vast amount of five-star reviews.

If you are on the way to buy a juicer the Omega J8006 is the best cold press juicer you can check for.

Omega J8006

Why Omega J8006?

Nowadays, plenty of masticating juicers you can find in the market. Different designs, different technologies are used in those machines. Omega is one of the brands ruling the world of masticating juicers.

The specialty of the Omega juicers is they always try to keep the design of their machine quite unchanged which makes their juicers quite affordable.

The Omega J8006 is one of the signature products of the manufacturer. Although it’s an old model juicer the juicing performance of this juicer is nevertheless from other modern juicers.

This juicer is less noisy in comparison with others. This juicer extracts almost every ounce of juice from the ingredients. It consumes less power than others. It’s a slow juicer as other masticating juicers so it takes time to make juice as it needs to be.

Another special fact Omega J8006 is, this juicer only doesn’t make juice of vegetables and fruits but it is also able to extract the juice out of leafy greens.

It can also make pasta and able to crush nuts and grains with its specially designed jaws which can be very helpful for you to make things easier in the kitchen.

Detailed Technical Features of Omega J8006 juicer

The earlier segment was just my personal opinion about the juicer. Actually, when buying a product for long time use and when it is an electrical machine like juicer it’s better to know the detailed information and features of the product.

Here our try is to give a detailed report about the features of this juicer. The features are:

Low-speed juicer

Almost all masticating juicers work at low-speed. These juicers are specially designed for juicing. Juicing and blending are quite different from each other.

Juicers are individual just for juicing. If you blend the fruits and vegetables the high speed of the blenders damages their nutrition value. The juicers in which the masticating technology is used to keep the nutrition value of the juicers unharmed because it juices at low speed.

And Omega J8006 is a potential low-speed masticating juicer which generates 80RPM speed.

Highly powered

This juicer comes with very high power GE Ultem Auger which is stronger than plastic augers more than 8 times. They also have a motor which generates power equivalent to 2 horsepower.

So, on that juicer, you can easily juice any ingredients that can be juiced. Form solid veggies to leafy greens like wheatgrass.

Nutritious juice production

As this juicer works with low-speed processing technology, it produces a high yield of juice keeping it highly nutritious, rich in color, de-oxidized, and foamless.

It also generates a very low amount of heat, so the anti-oxidants, enzymes, vitamins of the juiced ingredients remains unharmed and the juice becomes healthier.

Multifunctional ability

This juicer isn’t just a juicer. It does more than just making some juice. Ti’s extremely powerful auger can crush nuts, beans, and other hard grains.

Things like pasta, nut butter, baby foods, and many more you can prepare on your Omega J8006 juicer.

Smooth juicing

This juicer has auto-pulp ejecting feature. So, it makes juicing a lot easier task to do without any kind of interruption.

Advanced mechanism

This juicer works with an advanced mechanism called dual-stage mechanism. This is almost like the procedure we do in our mouth when eating.

This juicer first crushes the ingredients into tiny chunks and then presses the chunks to extract every drop of juice. So, the maximum amount of juice you can get with it.

Less sound

This machine runs at very low-speed. So, it produces very less amount of noise and works as silent as a ninja.

Strong built quality

This juicer is built with amazing durable parts. That’s why it can be your companion for a long period of time.


The most interesting unbelievable feature of this juicer is its warranty. It comes with 15-years of valid warranty. Yes, it is!

How to use it?

The working process of this juicer is easy. Just a little time to assemble the parts, which is very easy then to put the ingredients in the muzzle. That’s all.

To assemble, first the ring of the juicer which remains in open position turn it into the closed position so the juicer gets locked. Then, put the auger in it and you will hear a click. Next, slide the filter in and fix the end cap. Al last, places the two bowls for juice and pulp down.

Your juicer is ready to make some juice. Now, put the ingredients in and enjoy the juice.


  • Can juice any kinds of veggies or leafy greens.
  • Keeps the nutrition value unharmed.
  • Dishwasher safe removable parts.
  • Produces more juice.
  • Ejects pulp automatically.


  • Takes time a bit more.
  • No attached juice or pulp bins.

Final talks

No product we can say 100% good. There will be some lackings. Our try is to choose the best with less of lackings.

This Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is the product we reviewed here not because only of our worth, the goal of our effort is to get you some help to make your spends worthy.

This juicer is an old model juicer. It was launched 10 years ago but the interesting fact is, it is the product which is competing with very new model products.

Not only just competing but getting good reviews quite more than others. So, in our suggestion, this one will be the best juicer to buy if you want to make your spends worthier.

Our try is to help you with valid pieces of information. If this article proved itself helpful for you, let us know in the comment section.

Thanks for your approach.

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