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Impressive concrete buildings in the UK

As you would expect from a country as old as ours we have a rich architectural heritage. At times concrete has been somewhat lambasted for its use but it has definitely played its part in creating our built environment. Concrete Tewkesbury or any part of the UK can be covered by https://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/concrete-tewkesbury/ who are experts in the field. Here are some of the concrete’s best legacy pieces.

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The Barbican Centre in London. A prime example of brutalist architecture The Barbican was designed to be the large centre for the arts in the capital. It was one of the many examples built in the 1980s that took concrete to its heart. It has a gallery, arts centre and walkways with residential areas.

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The Tricorn Centre. Unlike the Barbican, this example of brutalist design did not fare so well. It was designed as a replacement for the local market hall in Portsmouth. It features a multi-storey car park allowing access to the port town. It weathered poorly and soon looked past its best, finally being demolished in 2004, despite public support to save it.

The Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh. Proof that concrete can be modern. In the year the Tricorn was demolished this mixture of steel and glass combined with concrete was being erected. The good and bad of concrete design were taken from both of the examples above to create an incredible space for debate.

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