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Basic tips for traveling with pets

Traveling with pets is a perfect way to share all our best moments with them. Therefore, when we are planning a trip, we must also include the furry ones, although sometimes it is not very simple, depending on the destination we have chosen.

Therefore, it is best to take into account a series of tips that we will put into practice . Because traveling with pets is increasingly possible because there are more points destined for them. If you are already thinking about your summer vacations, then do not miss everything that follows because you are interested.

Find out before the trip

best traveling with pets

At this point, we cannot help you too much because every place is a world. It is true that there are many hotels or hostels that allow us to have our pets nearby. But before making any kind of reservation, we must contact them. The same happens if we travel by plane, where the rules seem to change at times.

If a dog weighed less than eight kilos, he could travel in the cabin, but if not, he should go in the warehouse and of course, it is not a place where we would like to leave it. That is why we should always ask, since it will also influence the size of the pet, as well as the breed.

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A review before traveling with pets

Reviews have to be part of our lives and more, of our pets. Therefore, if it is something that has to enter our plans, even more so when we go on vacation with them. Before leaving, there is nothing like asking for an appointment with the veterinarian for an exam.

You must have your vaccinations up to date and a travel passport to indicate that you have your vaccinations and that everything is in order. Remember that if you have just given a vaccine, you should wait at least 12 days, so they can start the trip.

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Your pet’s meals

Although we are going to get used to all kinds of food, or almost all, pets do not. Therefore, when we travel with them, it is best to take our feed if it is a short journey and we do it by car.

But, we can always investigate a little if there is that brand that we use in the area. In this way, we can buy it at the destination without a major problem. The truth is that we should not alter too much a routine like this, so it is vital that we also take it into account before leaving on a trip. Read also: Paradises cuba

The safety of your pets

We do not want to leave them helpless; therefore, security must always be a priority. Therefore, we must bear in mind that our pets need a collar with their identification badge. In it will bear the name of the animal and the owner’s phone number.

In this way, there will be no problem if it is lost, so that they quickly sound the alarm. On the other hand, we can also hire travel insurance for pets. Because if it gets bad for some reason, insurance takes away from having to pay high amounts of money at the veterinarian, especially when we travel to other countries.

Before leaving

Before leaving, it is best to go to the veterinarian. It is a good time for our pet to pass a review, make sure it has all the vaccines , especially in relation to the destination, and the locator chip.

Also, if you are going to leave Spain, remember that you must have the European Passport for Companion Animals to travel to certain countries that require this document.

At the time of packing, we must also prepare our pet, with the collar, the leash, some of his toys, his blanket, his dishes, the sandbox in the case of cats, and water for the journey, Well surely he will need to drink.

Also do not forget the anti parasitic products, a first aid kit, its gel and your food, taking into account that, perhaps, in your destination, you will not be able to acquire them.

Prepare the transport

If traveling with pets by car, make sure you protect your pet in the best possible way. In medium-sized dogs, you can use a harness and place grids or bars on the vehicle that will be especially useful on large animals. For small dogs, and especially cats , a carrier is always recommended.

To choose it, you will have to take into account the size and weight of the animal. No carry it on the knees or place the carrier on the passenger seat if the vehicle has an airbag.

If you are going to carry a lot of luggage, load the car making sure that your pet will be comfortable during the trip and that you have at hand all the things you may need. Both of you will appreciate a forecast as simple as that.

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During the trip

If the traveling with pets by car, it will be necessary to make the necessary stops so that our dog or cat can drink if needed. And relieve themselves. Locate the rest areas on the route, play with it for a while.

And take advantage of it to stretch your legs. In short distances it will hardly be necessary. But as the kilometers increase, frequent breaks are essential for everyone.

At all times, remember that you should never leave your pet alone in the vehicle with high temperatures and closed windows. If you do not want to take a dislike. You can easily suffer a heat stroke. It is always an option to moisten the fur to refresh it, especially if it is long hair. Our pet is one of the families, so it deserves to be cared for in conditions.

After the trip

Wherever you are, your dog or your cat will be much happier if you have remembered to put their toys and dishes in the bag. That will help you become familiar with the new environment and do not miss your home.

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