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The 6 best folding beds

Do you want to acquire good quality folding beds to be able to locate your guests when they go to see you at home? Do you not have much space in your home and would you like to select a practical and comfortable folding bed? In the following article we have compiled the best folding beds available in the market this year. Keep reading and find the best folding beds.

White folding bed

The first folding bed selected by our experts is a bed whose closed dimensions are 85x102x35 centimeters. This bed when it is unfolded has comfortable swivel wheels to transport it, a completely individual bed frame, different sheets of stone and a practical mattress. It is a bed that is folded white, has different veins and can be used comfortably as a high quality furniture.

Wooden folding bed


In second place we find one of the best  wooden folding beds that exist and that certainly will not leave anyone indifferent as it is a high quality model with very nice wood finishes that also incorporates a practical mattress to rest. The folding bed can be used with a practical mattress for the bed but in most cases it is recommended that the height of the mattress does not exceed 19 centimeters to make the bed much more comfortable. Also, this folding bed is covered with melamine and is resistant to any type of rayon and also at high temperatures. It is a bed that can be opened and closed very simply because it has premium metal springs.

Folding bed elm light

Next we have also selected a beautiful folding bed with all kinds of details and elegant finishes in light elm shade. It is a closed bed has dimensions of 85x127x25 centimeters which is very convenient to locate anywhere to use when necessary. In addition, this high quality bed has swivel wheels, a practical compartment in which you can place a blanket and a pillow, a practical mattress and even a wooden box spring.

Modern folding bed

Fourth, our great experts have chosen a top quality and very modern folding bed. This folding bed has dimensions of 221 centimeters high by 174 wide and comes with a practical bed frame that also incorporates an efficient resting surface very practical. It is a bed that is resistant to all types of scratches and also to high temperatures and also has a capacity of up to 300 kilos. If you want you can use a practical mattress to place the bed normal but this should never exceed 19 centimeters.

Folding bed with box spring

The next folding bed chosen by our professionals comes with a practical slatted bed base incorporating an efficient resting surface and several gas springs. It is also a good quality folding bed that will resist any type of rayon and high temperatures very well. With this folding bed you can use any type of normal mattress, but its height should not exceed 17 centimeters.

Folding wooden rustic bed

The next folding bed we love to place it in the houses of rustic style but with a totally modern design since when it is collected it will be a quality piece of furniture that will add a lot of style to any decoration. The dimensions of this folding bed are 220 centimeters x 141 centimeters by 45 centimeters when it is closed. In addition it is also a folding bed that resists very well any type of rayon and also high temperatures.

Tips for choosing the best folding beds

Our great experts have selected the best models of folding beds, but also, here are some very important tips to help you choose the folding bed that best suits your needs and what you are looking for.

First of all, to choose a good quality folding bed, you must take into account the type of installation you are going to need or that you are looking for for your specific room. The main problems that usually present folding furniture are that sometimes they are not well secured and can fall. It is important to avoid this by all means and for this you should always choose good quality fixing systems.

You can currently find folding beds without fixing on the market. We do not recommend them much unless the furniture is tall or large because in those cases it remains fixed by itself. We speak for example of pieces that usually incorporate cupboards or drawers in addition to the bed and that in most cases reach the ceiling. It is really difficult to transport this type of furniture or folding beds without professional help.

Another interesting option is folding beds that are fixed to the wall. They are quite interesting and it is usually the fixing system that is most used. If you choose a simple folding bed that does not have many features in most cases will be a bed of this type that can be mounted on the wall easily, using simply screws. Another option is folding beds that are fixed to the ceiling. They tend to be vertical, since they are usually very tall.

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