Most Popular TV Watching Habits

Interested to learn about TV facts from around the world? Then tune in for some fascinating television facts:

  1. You might think that all people want to do when they switch on the TV is to veg out in front of soap operas. That’s not quite the case, however. A recent Samsung survey discovered that documentaries are top of the list of watcher’s favourites programmes. A whopping 41% listed documentaries as their ‘go to’ watching faves.
  2. When it comes to soaps though, Only Fools and Horses was voted the nation’s favourite. It’s not hard to see why the hapless adventures of Delboy and Rodney have cemented their place in the hearts of UK TV watchers. Classic comedy genius!

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  1. The most popular game show is currently The Chase hosted by the feisty Bradley Walsh.
  2. Forget X Factor or even Love Island, our favourite reality or talent programme is awarded to Strictly Come Dancing. We can;t get enough of those tantalising tangos!
  3. When it comes to making a fortune from reality TV, Kim Kardashian beats everyone hands down with a fortune amassed of $51 million. Nice work if you can get it!
  4. Enjoy a bit of Netflix and chill? The most expensive Netflix show to produce so far was The Crown, coming in at a whopping $130 million. You could probably buy a crown for that money!
  5. The most viewers ever was achieved by American hit show M.A.S.H when 103 million people turned on their sets to watch the final episode of this beloved franchise.
  6. With games consoles and smartphones, you might think that television’s days were numbered but this couldn’t be further from the truth. People surveyed say they watch more TV now than they did 5 years ago, thanks to the accessibility of on-demand services. If you want to get more from your TV watching experience, consider TV aerial installation Cheltenham from steveunettaerials.co.uk/our-services/aerial-services/tv-aerial-installation/tv-aerial-installation-cheltenham/
  7. When it comes to binge-watching – the award for the most binge-watched show of all time is currently with The Game of Thrones and with 8 seasons to get your teeth into it, binge watching is an efficient way of getting through over 70 episodes!

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  1. It would appear that our viewing requirements are growing in size – literally! Back in 2016, the average television screen size in the UK was 40 inches and this has probably grown in the last 5 years as a whopping 90% stated that they wished they could have 60 inches!
  2. On average, a person will spend 8 years of their life watching television so make sure you’re watching something good.
  3. World Television Day is coming up soon. This year it falls on Sunday 21st November so why not prepare a movie night with popcorn and celebrate all the wonderful things that television has done for us since the 20th century. What will you choose – a comedy, drama, action film, horror or a fascinating documentary? With so much choice and so many channels today, there truly is something for everyone.

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