Some great older smartphones best for browsing the web

The internet has truly gone mobile in the last half-decade, with a rapid rise in smartphone ownership helping to fuel the amount of traffic which is generated by portable devices. For businesses, this means it is necessary to seek expert web design support.

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In fact the majority of browsing is now carried out from smartphones and tablets, with over 60 per cent of all site visits now coming from these gadgets, with desktop and laptop computers being squeezed into the minority. A Drupal Design Agency such as will be able to help you ensure that your business website is mobile friendly.

Here are some of the older smartphones which offer the best web browsing experience at the moment, from some of the biggest manufacturers in the game. The most up to date mobiles are all created with the ability to be able to quickly and effectively browse the internet.

Samsung Galaxy S6

With a 64-bit processor, 3GB of RAM and a 5.1 inch display with a QHD resolution, the Galaxy S6 is Samsung’s most powerful flagship smartphone to date. And it can make quick work of whatever web browsing duties are thrown at it, even when handling sites which have a lot of embedded media elements present.

The only reason not to pick the Galaxy S6 is if its curved sibling, the Galaxy S6 Edge, is a more appealing device. And there is even the S6 Edge+ with a 5.7 inch screen if a larger area is desired.

iPhone 6 Plus

With a 5.5 inch 1080p display, Apple’s first true phablet is a dream for anyone who wants to browse the internet in style. It also benefits from having one of the smoothest interfaces around, while the general popularity of the iOS platform that it runs means that many site owners optimise pages specifically to look their best on the iPhone 6 Plus.

HTC One M9

Although sales of this flagship smartphone cannot quite match those of its biggest competitors, it is still a cutting edge device with an enviable design ethos and enough power under the skin to keep many digital plates spinning at once. The debate over whether Android or iOS offer the superior web experience will rage on, but ultimately as long as the handset is equipped with modern components like this then it is hard to go far wrong.

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