Should you repair or replace your windows?

It can be difficult to know when you should repair your windows or if you would be better off replacing them. A small DIY job can be easy enough but if it is a larger job requiring expert skill it might be a better choice to find a professional for repairs or replacements. You might have leaks, fogginess or other problems such as locks that are no longer working – but when should you repair and when should you replace your windows?

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In earlier times people were used to replacing worn out windows with newer versions. When UPVC windows became preferable to timber frames, people replaced their windows as a way to reduce long-term costs.

However, today more people are returning to the idea of repairs with green living and ethical considerations becoming more important. There are a few pointers that can help you decide whether to repair your window or replace it.


If your window locks are sticking and perhaps not working as effectively as they used to there is not always a need to replace your windows in their entirety. A quick call to a Locksmith Dublin way such as will see your locks restored or replaced in much quicker timescales than replacing an entire window.

Water leakage

Any water leakage around the window areas is often due to poor drainage and guttering outside the home, not just old window seals. Window seals will stop water entering in general, but with forceful water flow, even the best seals are not strong enough. Check your drainage system before replacing your seals or windows.

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Sash Windows

One of the simplest fixes is a broken sash, where one or both sashes can’t move. This is usually due to paint fixing the two sides together, a broken sash cord, or a sash coming off its track. These problems can easily be repaired and you don’t need to replace the whole window. You can even do it yourself with an online guide, such as this one from The Guardian.

Cracked glass

Another problem is cracked glass. Single pane cracks can be repaired easily as a DIY job. It is an even better idea to get an expert to do it, but if the crack is across multiple panes, it is better to replace the window outright.

Foggy windows

Foggy windows normally mean there is condensation trapped inside, between your window layers of an insulated glass unit. It is not possible to do a DIY repair on this as it cannot simply be disassembled and rebuilt. Even a professional would not find this cost-effective. It is better to replace the window if persistent fogginess is an issue.

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