What types of manicures are there? Russian Manicure, Italian ..

Surely walking along any promenade, among the posters of beauty centers you will have found messages such as “Experts in Russian manicure”, “Authentic Brazilian manicure ” or “Only here the Italian manicure “. If you are a bit lost with so many nationalities, Amaya Domínguez, our technical director, explains the main differences between these options.

French manicure

Undoubtedly, it is the most popular and popular type of manicure, and one of the most chosen among our clients. And it is that its simplicity and elegance make it a versatile makeup option, suitable for any occasion and even in the day to day.

It is also one of the manicures that takes more time between us. Although there are several theories about its origin, many place it in the decade of the 30s, as an invention of Max Factor (so it would not come from France), while others claim that it was used at the end of the 19th century. It really reached its peak in the 70s, through the Hollywood film industry, so-ironically-in many salons in France is known as American manicure. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

It is characterized by a base of pink color for the bed of the nail, with the tips always white and perfectly delineated. There are variations, such as the French manicure in V, in which the bed is made up in an angle instead of in a round one; or the inverted French, which simulates the one that had grown the nail, you wear a pinkish tone at the beginning and then make-up following the line of the cuticle, but leaving half a centimeter of separation with the base.

American manicure

It is a variant of the French manicure in which more naturalness is sought. Thus, the tip of the nails is painted a beige tone instead of white, and the bed can even be a nude glaze (transparent). In addition, the order at the time of applying the layers is the opposite: the neutral enamel is used at the end so that the edge is not so defined.

Italian manicure

It is another version of the French, but much more modern. If we opt for this style, instead of applying the entire edge of the nail from one side to the other, we only make up one side, as a biased effect.

Russian manicure

The case of this technique is special, since it only refers to the method used to treat the cuticle area. And, instead of using a manual tool to push them, the Russian manicure consists of the use of an electric winch.

Different forms of strawberries are used for each section of the nail, but the goal is to clean the region between the skin and the nail so that the enamel is as close to it.

It is a technique that requires a lot of precision, and it is known by that name because it is the most widespread fashion in that country, where very long nails are common, square and ornate with decoration. In addition, the stilettos with square tip type Ballerina also triumph . Yes, always long and overloaded Nail Art with Strass and reliefs.

Brazilian manicure

It is a very particular practice of manicure that has the objective of prolonging the duration of the decoration, and that is not altered with the growth of the nail.

Thus, the enamel is applied both on the nail and on the surrounding skin, so that it covers the inside of the cuticle. Subsequently the excess is removed.

It must be borne in mind that it is usual to cut the cuticle when applying this treatment, which is usually harmful to the health of the nails, since it is a natural barrier against any external agent.

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