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Improving a Workplace with a Bad Atmosphere or Low Team Morale

We spend a great deal of our lives at work, and if possible, we want to make it as pleasurable an experience as we can do. Nobody likes a workplace with a bad atmosphere, tyrannical manager, or poor work ethic. A bad working environment can be extremely damaging to people, both the people who work there and their families who will be affected by them feeling upset and having a generally low mood.

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Offices and workplaces that have a bad work ethic are also not performing as well as they could be. Managers should be looking out for problems and welcoming employee input to constructively resolve problems.

Managers need to also identify any people that are causing difficulties within a team – whether this is workplace bullying, low motivation, a poor work ethic, some team members can have an extremely detrimental effect on the whole team, and this can also mean that good staff end up leaving because of it – and a high employee turnover mixed with a negative working atmosphere is not a good thing!

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Team building is a good way to foster good relationships between people. Team building games and activities are a great way to ensure every person is heard equally as well, not just the more outgoing characters who tend to bark first and loudest. Another good way to get people motivated is to invite someone like inspirational speaker UK based adventurer Jamie McDonald to come in and do a talk with your team.

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