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Top Fitted Wardrobe Design Ideas

Freestanding wardrobes cannot revolutionise a bedroom like built-in ones can. The wardrobes can be customised to fit the tricky corner of a sloping ceiling and are available in many colours, finishes and material options. You can choose from a wide range of configurations and customisations to make your room as unique as you want.

  1. Make glass doors a design feature

The glass doors allow you to see exactly what you need, which makes mornings easier. They also dispel the myth that built-in closets are outdated. The stunning design of clear glass is ideal for a contemporary scheme.

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2. If you’re short on space, opt for sliding doors

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford a bespoke wardrobe then this is a good option. These are great for small bedrooms as they do not take up much space when opened. To find out about Fitted Wardrobes Poole, visit https://lamco-design.co.uk/bespoke-fitted-wardrobes/

3. Choose rails if you hate folding

It’s important to spend some time thinking about what you want to store in your wardrobe. If you’re not a pro at folding, then having more rails inside your wardrobe than drawers may be the solution to your folding nightmares! You’ll find it easier to fold shirts, blouses, skirts, jackets, and half-height rails. If you wear dresses, have a full-height rail.

4. Mirrored wardrobes

Mirrored doors are useful for two things. First, they bounce light around in small bedrooms. Second, you can check your outfits on full-length mirrors without having to buy a floor-standing one.

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5. Go open plan for colour coordination

Open-plan built-in wardrobes are a great alternative to traditional wardrobe doors. They can be used as a way to hide all those badly folded sweaters or blouses on one hanger. The open-plan built-in wardrobe will look like a shop, with all the clothes neatly hung.

6. Bright ideas

Consider lighting with adjustable arms that highlight each section. Also, consider strip lights. Lights that can be adjusted to highlight different sections are also an option.

7. Consider the overall form

The outside of your wardrobe is equally important. It’s easy for you to focus on the interior. The way the wardrobe looks with its doors closed will help you create a uniform look. Built-in wardrobes should be a seamless part of your bedroom design. The accessories and handles are a great way to link the doors with the overall room design.

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