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White boots: how to choose and match them

White boots are a spring evergreen that is impossible to resist! We give you some tips to combine them.

White boots are a versatile accessory that never goes out of style. They can be easily combined with skirts and dresses, but also with jeans and palazzo pants. The models are different and suitable for any occasion, they can be extremely casual or very elegant. What are the models and what do they look best with? Let’s find out together

Recently I have realized that when we talk about white boots the female world is divided into two categories. There are those who love them deeply and already own at least a couple and those who just can’t even hear about them. Clearly, I am part of an out-of-competition category. After purchasing several dozen white shoes in all shapes, but never in the shape of boots, and have changed my mind at least a hundred times, the idea of ​​a pair of boots came to mind.

And the idea came to me after yet another attempt to build a look starting from the choice of clothing and not from shoes as usual. If you have been following me for a while you will know that every morning, in Florence, a shopaholic wakes up and knows that she will have to compose her look starting from the shoes. When this does not happen, they are problems. In the sense that I inevitably begin to change twenty times until I end up wearing the same things as always, usually jeans and ankle boots.

Well, a few days ago I decided that I would dress like that. Thus adopting a decided spring outfit to a necessary winter mood and I realized that the right compromise would have been a pair of white boots, as well as, of course, a heavy sweater. And here’s how the idea of ​​white boots started to make its way into my mind and how I began to figure out different possible combinations with the aforementioned boots. Suddenly they became the best choice for every look. Especially when you want to give a splash of brightness to our outfit. Ok okay, you might say, but how do you choose them?

How to choose white boots

Surely to buy a pair of white boots takes a bit of audacity. To buy simple white shoes we are certainly all better. I’m talking about sneakers or low ankle boots, but for boots, the situation changes. Because they, with the upper that covers a larger surface, inevitably make themselves the protagonists of each of our looks and cannot go unnoticed. Therefore it is important to choose the right shape and heel so as not to disappear behind their presence. And it is also important to combine them in the best way to obtain a sophisticated and glamorous effect rather than rough and tacky. Here are some ideas I want to share with you.

The material

Being a light color, indeed, the lightest of colors, they must be easily washable. Therefore opt for non-impregnating materials. Leather or imitation leather are ideal for being easy to clean. Avoid suede, fabric, and all those materials that can be soaked or stained easily.

The heel

Opt for a “quiet” heel, a height that you can wear comfortably every day. These white boots will not be yet another purchase to place in our shoe closet to collect dust. But you will need to be able to wear them whenever you want without restrictions due to comfort or fit problems. So a medium heel of the right height and regular shape is what will make them your all-season shoes, except summer for obvious reasons. As for the color of the heel, choose the same color as the upper for a more elegant effect. While opting for a contrasting color if you want to combine them with sportier outfits.

The tip

Also with regard to the tip, my advice is not to exceed. A toe that is too round could give the impression of wearing orthopedic shoes. While a toe that is too pointed will have the opposite effect to the sobriety I mentioned earlier.

The proportions

Basically, try to choose a model with harmonic proportions. No excesses, no exuberance, no exaggerations. Sobriety is the right word. The white color, the sum of all colors, will be enough to give liveliness and refinement to your look. Only in this way will you be sure to add a touch of glamor to your outfits without looking excessive.

How to match white boots

This is where you can indulge yourself. With skinny jeans, palazzo pants, floral or polka dot dresses, or plain colors. If you have chosen the right proportions boots you will have no limits. White goes with everything. You can combine them with all those looks that you want to make lively without weighing them down with dark-colored shoes. And if you’re worried that pairing a one-color outfit with white shoes could have a punch in the eye, remember to play with accessories.

White boots: the combinations

White boots are fantastic for spring, they give a sense of freshness and escort us until the warm season without going to make the outfit too winter and heavy.

Girl in white boots

For the period that tends more to winter, let’s talk about the period when you never know how to dress from February to March, the boots can be combined in this way: wear fur that protects from the cold. But with clothes under it lighter and tending towards spring. For example, a light skirt with a long-sleeved shirt that is not too heavy.

You can use materials such as cotton to bring a balance between the two periods when it is no longer too cold. But the heat is not even enough to be able to discover and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

White bootsWhite boots

When, on the other hand, the heat is a little more stable and spring has really made its entrance, think about taking a low model with fringes, wear them with a light skirt and soft color, pink, lilac or light blue.

Match it with a long shirt, a little loose but with long sleeves. The fabric must be light, to allow you to be covered by the spring breeze, but not too much.

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